Academic Policy Committee Meeting Minutes April 29, 2011


Chandra Power

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Campus Theatre 217

Academic Policy Committee
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In Attendance: Stephen Auerbach, Anderi Barkovskii, Warner Belanger, Martha Colvin, Jennifer Flory, Olufunke Fontenot, Bryan Marshall, Ken McGill, Amy Pinney, Chandra Power, Jason Rich, Mark Vail

Regrets: Kirk Armstrong


I.                    The meeting was called to order by Ken McGill.

II.                  Introductions of committee members.

III.                Ken McGill provided introductory overview of the committee’s rules, procedures, capabilities, and limitations.

IV.                Ken McGill asked that committee members familiarize themselves with the webpage to provide guidance on how we might improve.  Committee was advised to go to, verify login ability (use MyCats password), click on launchpad, and peruse the site. It is imperative to logout for security reasons after browsing the site. Committee members should navigate the site so that we can bring questions to the next meeting. If we need, we can call in Matt.

V.                  Election of officers – Amy Pinner was elected chair; Bryan Marshall was elected vice-chair; Chandra Power was elected secretary.

VI.                Annual Report – Amy Pinner did the report for the current year and is willing to do it again. Ken explained the duties include synthesizing the minutes for the report. Amy will ask for the committee report.

VII.              Committee vision – We need a starting place for the retreat in August. The charge is on the first page of the agenda for today’s meeting.

VIII.            Amy explained the purpose of the committee. Sometimes we make policy; we do not make procedure but we can recommend on procedure. The most recent policy this committee addressed was on student attendance. Handbook language and drop/add card had to be altered in response. This committee has also discussed the +/- grading issue. This committee also addressed the Incomplete policy.  How do we come up with the ideas that need to be addressed? Committee brings issues from their constituents. We have been relying on what Executive Committee gives us for issues/ideas, but Amy would like for us to bring more items from within the members of the committee and their constituents. Idea starts here; Amy takes it to the standing committee where it may be re-routed or returned to the committee.

IX.                Committee discussed the limit on Withdrawals, particularly medical withdrawals. It was  suggested that we might need more guidance/specifications on the policy surrounding medical withdrawals. Ken acknowledged that that policy is sometimes abused. Amy agreed that we might want to look at this policy in the fall.

X.                Plus/minus policy was discussed last year and student input was sought. By the end of the student forum the students thought that the changes would be beneficial to them; however, the plus/minus policy moved to a different committee.

XI.                Meeting space for next year will continue to be in 217 Campus Theater.

XII.              Committee was asked to speak with constituents and generate ideas for items that should go to Senate.

XIII.            There was some discussion of the current smoking policy and its enforcement. Terrell Hall is a particular area of concern. Smoking policy was discussed and there was dissent among the committee. Ken suggested that we take the issue to the Executive Committee. Greg Brown’s office is the office that was originally designated to put up the booths. This committee had suggestions about who monitors/enforces. Amy will take the issue to the Executive Committee for clarification.

XIV.            Retreat – 9-5 West campus on August 10. The second part of the retreat is a Senate meeting for senators only. This committee should attend the first part of the retreat.

XV.              New Business: If ideas or relevant items come to mind before the next meeting, email to Amy or feel free to bring it up on your own.  Currently we have medical withdrawal for retreat and smoking policy for first executive committee meeting.

             XVII.          Next meeting time Friday, September 2, 2011 3:30-4:45

Meeting was adjourned at 1:05 pm

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Medical Withdrawals (More specifics)