University Senate Attendance Procedure

Approved by Standing Committee Chairs and ECUS members effective 19 September, 2006

Relevant Bylaw
Each University Senator is expected to attend every University Senate meeting. Each member of a committee of the university senate is expected to attend every meeting of that committee. A report that contains an aggregation of the attendance records of committees and the University Senate shall be accessible to all members of the University Community in an appropriate format. A person who is on authorized leave for an extended period of time shall notify the Chair of the Committee to which the person has been elected and the Chair of the Executive Committee of this anticipated absence.

Attendance Procedure
When a member of the University Senate (US) or one of its committees (APC, ECUS, FAPC, RPIPC, SAPC) is absent from a meeting, the absence will be coded as Regrets if the member has notified both the Secretary and Chair prior to the meeting time. This notification should be by email. Failure to make this notification will result in the absence being coded as Absent.