Meeting Etiquette Guidelines

FINAL DRAFT 15 November, 2007
A joint proposal from Executive Committee and Standing Committee Chairs submitted for University Senate consideration
Endorsed by the Executive Committee and Standing Committee Chairs 11-15-07
Shared with the University Senate as an Informational Item 11-29-07
Approved as MOTION 0708.EC.001.O by the University Senate on 01-28-08
Approved by President Leland on 02-06-08


  1. Senators must be recognized by the presiding officer before speaking.
  2. Senators should not interrupt whoever has the floor.
  3. Senators should limit their remarks to five minutes.
  4. Senators may begin debate of a motion or question once it has been presented to the assembly and clearly restated by the chair.
  5. During debate, a senator recognized to speak by the presiding officer should direct all comments to the presiding officer rather than address other Senators directly.
  6. Senators should not attack or question the motives of another Senator, but restrict their comments to the merits of the motion or topic at hand.
  7. No member should speak twice to the same issue until everyone else has had the opportunity to speak on the issue.

Procedural Guidelines

  1. Motions, questions, and other agenda items are merely recommendations for consideration by the assembly to adopt or accept at the discretion of the senators present.
  2. Anytime before a motion or question is restated by the presiding officer, its maker may suggest modifications or withdraw the motion or question without consent of the senator who seconded it.
  3. Senators should restrict their remarks to the current motion, question, or issue before the assembly.