CAPC Minutes 02/03/2012


Cara Meade

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Friday, February 3, 2012
Date of Next Meeting: 
Friday, March 2, 2012 - 3:30pm
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A&S 216

Curriculum and Assessment Policy Committee
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Curriculum and Assessment Policy Committee

 Minutes  02/03/12


Present:  John Swinton, Susan Steele, Alex Blazer, Beauty Bragg, Cara Meade, Carol Bader, Beth Broyles, Ryan Brown, Fadhili Mshana

Regrets: Karen Bendersky, Diane Gregg, Kay Anderson

Guests: No guests


 I) Approval of Agenda: Unanimously approved today’s agenda


 II) Approval of Minutes: Suggestion to amend minutes. Remove question marks. Approve as amended.


III) Information Items:

A. New Course: NRSG 6900

COHS has a new program and are sending in this course proposal as an information item to CAPC.  Susan Steele spoke to the course function and purpose. This course will not need any additional resources from the college or university.


B. Information item: Liberal Studies Proposal has been sent to Senate as a formal proposal.


C. There is a concern regarding a perceived procedural issue with signatures on proposals coming to CAPC and after they leave CAPC. This will hopefully be resolved early next week.


IV) New Business:



Bylaws revision to make UCC as permanent subcommittee of CAPC



Question – Why 3 senators? A-   So there is enough of a pool to elect a chair since chair must be a senator.



Question- How are remaining members appointed to serve? A-   Traditionally they have volunteered.



Question- Where is the report to CAPC from UCC? Where has this been?   A-   It has been getting ‘bumped’ due to CAPC running over every week. Also, there have been reports, just not every week. This will begin to be included regularly on the CAPC agenda from now on.



Question- Shouldn’t a member of UAT be a standing member position on UCC (SCC)?  A-   Members of this committee do not see that as necessary to include in the bylaws.  Seems complicated since UAT isn’t a standing committee.


Discussion -  The scope of the committee in the new bylaws.



Question regarding membership – Can only a senator serve as officers?  A-   No. Any member can serve as officer but a member of the faculty corps of instruction must serve as chair.


Discussion - Committee feels that an elected senator should serve as chair.  Committee voted unanimously for this change to the bylaws. This was changed in the bylaws to reflect that only an elected senator can serve as chair.


Vote to approve bylaws.  Seven for, one against, one abstain.



B.  Area A1 Revision

Suggestion is being brought forth regarding a change to the Cube outcome for Area A1. The suggestion is to remove the word oral from the outcome for this area.  Oral communication will be addressed by USLG #1.


Vote to approve.


Unanimously approved.



C.  UCC report

Accomplishments so far this semester:



-Held a forum to discuss B2 course largely in part to discuss the 4th hour. One option, incorporating library instruction into the 4th hour.


-Reviewed several courses. Have several more coming up for first review and some coming back for second.


-Have 11 sections approved, need 25.  Again, several more are pending.


-Discussing first round of assessment for GC1Y.



Meeting adjourned.


Action Items: 
Tentative Agenda: