CAPC Minutes - 08/10/11


Cara Meade

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011
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Friday, September 2, 2011 - 3:30pm
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Arts & Sciences 216

Curriculum and Assessment Policy Committee
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CAPC Senate Retreat Meeting



In attendance:  Alex Blazer, Beauty Bragg, Cara Meade, Diane Gregg, Hauke Busch, John Swinton, Kay Anderson, Ryan Brown, Susan Steele


Ryan asked the committee to familiarize themselves with the pink sheet containing information highlighting some of the business of CAPC during the last three years. Since we have an agenda today, we will not go over this but please read the information.


On the agenda for today is to discuss the formation of UCC (soon to be renamed) as an ad-hoc committee of CAPC.


Ryan Brown provided background of UCC and how it operated last year, providing a summary of the business of UCC during the 2010-2011 academic year. A new UCC charge was drafted over the summer and last night, August 9, the committee received via email the newest draft, including the most recent modifications and suggestions from the Provost and current CAPC members.


Changes found in the most recent draft:

1.  Committee members have been added who have agreed to represent their respective areas. Please note, the membership list is incomplete as of today. This will hopefully be complete by next wee.

2.  There is a slight change in committee representation from A&S

3.  Number 4 is significantly different from the previous draft.


Ryan Brown listed the main responsibilities of the UCC:

1.  Solicit and approve courses

2.  Identify and recommend resources

3.  Work on framework of assessment for new core in conjunction with University Assessment Team and CAPC.


UCC will operate as ad-hoc this year and then will most likely become a standing (permanent) subcommittee of CAPC


Discussion regarding change in membership

A representative from Arts & Sciences has been removed due to the fact that lots of A&S faculty representation already exists due to the structure of required representation on the committee.



Discussion regarding the wording of charge #3

Suggestion came forth that we need to be a little careful with the wording of item 3 in the committee charge.  This committee is making recommendations to the provost about faculty development. This jumps over chairs and deans. This charge may not so much follow chain of command as it is written but this may not be the intention.

Suggested changes in wording:

         "Make recommendations to CAO concerning needed resources for       faculty development."


         end the sentence after “CUBE courses".


         "Make recommendations to CAO concerning resources needed to       achieve best practices in student engagement pedagogies in the CUBE"


Committee agreed on the wording of the 3rd suggestion. The third item in the charge was changed to reflect this.



Discussion regarding item #4 in the charge

A concern regarding #4 that could be both an advantage and disadvantage: it is vague. Further discussion ensued regarding assessment of the CUBE.  Due to time constraints, this discussion ended prematurely but will be on the agenda for the next CAPC meeting for further discussion.



Chair called for a vote on the new charge for UCC:

All were in favor

0 opposed


Next meeting

September 2nd, 2011


A&S 2-16


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