CAPC Minutes 08/24/2012


Cara Meade

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Friday, August 24, 2012
Date of Next Meeting: 
Friday, September 28, 2012 - 2:00pm
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HSB 213

Curriculum and Assessment Policy Committee
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August 24, 2012

2:00 pm

HSB 213


I)Call to Order


A. Attendance


In attendance- John Swinton, Brian Mumma, Ryan Brown, Julia Metzker, David De Posada, Steve Elliott-Gower, Kay Anderson, George Cazacu, Kay Anderson, Susan Steele, Koushik Banerjee, Cara Meade



Regrets - Joe Mocnik, Angel Abney


B. Adoption of Agenda


No changes or additions to agenda


C. Approval of Minutes


Minutes from 4/6/12 approved


D. Discussion of Operating Procedures


At retreat, we discussed ideas for operating procedures: 

    1.  Redo numbering.

    2.  Item 9 (will be #3), change to 'will be copied'

    3.  Item 10 (will be #4a) change discuss to discussing (parallel structure)

    4.  Item 8 (will be # 2) Change wording to ‘members will speak only when…’



Motion to approve given changes

Motion seconded

Vote: All approve


Note - Can we get Matt Williams, the Senate graduate assistant, to upload Ryan's document to the website? (Cara will check on this)



E.  Approval of April 6th minutes


Motion to approve April 6th minutes

Motion seconded

Vote: All approve



II) Unfinished Business


A.  Philosophy major w/ concentration in Religion


-this group passed , sent to senate, senate disapproved

-discussion of issues

-went back to program to fix (see Kay's message)

-CAPC will wait for it to come back through from program


B.  Discussion of concentrations vs. tracks


C. Masters of Arts in Teaching: Early Childhood Education


-MAT EC was approved by CAPC

-Went to ECUS and disappeared. Concerns were voiced. Came out of motion database. Didn't ever get on agenda for senate. ECUS makes this decision. Last memo says it was kicked back to us, CAPC.  

-It now is back to CAPC.  But it has gone to BOR?

-Discussion regarding routing procedures and where the degree is in the approval process.


There was a suggestion raised: Do we want to propose to amend form? Or make the



Motion to make a recommendation to ECUS at standing committee meeting to send EC MAT back to ECUS for rerouting

Motion seconded

Vote: 10 in favor, 1 abstained


C (cont.) Continuance of  discussion of EC MAT



Motion made to send it back to ECUS to put on senate agenda (motion 1112.capc.010.c) and email to Catherine to change status.

Motion seconded

Vote: All in favor


III) New business

A.  Work plan for year


Define the credit hour


Policy for online course approval process


Credit policy for military, experiential


Assessment of online course delivery


Develop checklist for program proposals to guide developers


Case management model for proposals


Define concentrations


B.   CUBE assessment




Forums in late September, possibly early October (hopefully September)


Suggestion made that CAPC endorse pilot assessment of CUBE to begin after SoCC approval and faculty forums take place


Policy can work its way through the channels on an appropriate timeline. We have time to work it out.


Motion was made to endorse pilot assessment with core

Motion seconded

Vote: 10 for, 1 abstain


IV)  Information items


A. SoCC meeting information


B.  Online courses/distance learning.

Provost set up distance education advisory board. Will meet second week in September.  Can we have a rep?

Steve Elliott-Gower will serve in dual role, one is the CAPC rep.



C.  Credit hour working group


Do we want to go ahead and get this working group in place and working? 

Committee confirms ‘yes’


Motion made to establish a working group to define the credit hour

Motion seconded  

Vote: All approved.  


Susan will communicate with campus; Julia will lead work group



Meeting adjourned

Action Items: 
Tentative Agenda: