CAPC Minutes 10/07/11


Cara Meade

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Friday, October 7, 2011
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Friday, February 3, 2012 - 3:30am
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A&S 216

Curriculum and Assessment Policy Committee
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Curriculum and Assessment Policy Committee Minutes



Present: Alex Blazer, Beauty Bragg, Beth Broyles, Cara Meade, Diane Gregg, John Swinton, Kay Anderson, Susan Steele, Bill Fisher




Regrets: Carol Bader, Karen Bendersky


Guest: Dwight Call


*Note on committee membership- Fadhili Mshana is out of the country for the rest of the semester.  Bill Fisher and Karen Bendersky were approved at the last senate meeting to serve on CAPC.


I) Approval of Minutes:  Unanimously approved minutes from 09/02/11 as submitted.


II) Information Items


a. Dwight Call presented a catalog change for the International Studies Minor. This is an information item in that this has already been approved and implemented. This was effective in the Fall 2011 catalog.


b. After discussion, Dwight posed a question to the committee regarding the BOR Asian Studies Certificate and asked how we approve new certificates and how his program could go about looking into potentially offering such a new certificate. See next discussion regarding CAPC’s review process of concentrations.


IV) New Business


a. CAPC review of concentrations. On CAPC website, see document titled Guidelines for Submitting Proposals to the Curriculum, Assessment, and Policy Committee. This document needs updating and revising a bit for clarity. There was no routing procedure for new concentrations so this was added according to the procedures already in place for new minors. The only change is that approval at the board level goes to staff review.  At some point, after time for review, CAPC needs to vote on this new document.

2 questions for discussion: 


Substance? Does anyone have strong feelings regarding how we handle concentrations?


It is unclear if the entire senate should vote on this. On the one hand, the full senate should have a full say. Or we can decide to handle this at the committee level and pass it on as an information item.


There was discussion amongst the committee regarding these two items. In regards to item two, the collective decision was that we should ask the Senate how to proceed with approving this new document.


Motion for consideration: We adopt the review process in this document and ask Senate to approve the document. To our knowledge it has not ever been approved.

            -Motion was made to pass this document.

            -Motion was seconded.

            -All voted in favor to pass this document and send it on to Senate for                                 approval. Senate’s approval of this document indicates approval                               for the             processes laid out within it.


V) New Business


a. Cube assessment:

The time is getting close for our SACS review. The process on campus will be a bit different from the last review and a critical part of this review is Institutional Effectiveness. Assessment is by and large, at the heart of IE. In terms of assessment, we have program and college outcomes, general education outcomes, and core outcomes.

How do we assess all of these?

An overview of what is currently going on across campus in terms of assessment:

UAT – Steering committee for coordinating assessment policy. Responsible for assessing gen. ed. outcomes across degree programs.

CAPC – A is for assessment. We have not historically been doing this part. We have been asked to rectify that. 

UCC – Ad hoc committee responsible for the core.  Perhaps we need working group to determine how the core will be assessed? They could figure out how to best assess core by designing a core assessment plan and submitting it to CAPC.


Suggestion to the committee for consideration: Put together a working committee to design assessment of our new core, the CUBE. This could be a small new group who will design a plan to assess the core and decide how to implement new assessment plan for the core.

Committee discussed this and decided this would be a very good option to explore.

Next steps: Discuss this new work group including potential membership, charge, and expectations.


b. We need a representative from CAPC to serve on the SACS Steering Committee. Beauty Bragg volunteered to serve as the representative.



Meeting adjourned.



Action Items: 
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