CAPC Minutes 2/22/13


Cara Meade

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Friday, February 22, 2013
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Friday, March 29, 2013 - 2:00pm
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HSB 213

Curriculum and Assessment Policy Committee
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Curriculum and Assessment Policy (CAPC)

Meeting 2/22/13



I)  In Attendance: Susan Steele, John Swinton, George Cazacu, Brian Mumma, Steve Elliott-Gower, Cara Meade, Kay Anderson, Koushik Banerjee, Ryan Brown


Regrets:  Julia Metzker, Angel Abney, Joe Mocnik


II) Establishment of quorum


III) Approval of January 25, 2013 minutes – Approved minutes as corrected


IV) Approval of Agenda for today, 2/22/13 – Approved


V) Unfinished business:


A. Early Childhood MAT – Passed by CAPC in early February.  Degree was presented to and passed by Senate at the February meeting. This is now old business.   A short discussion ensued when a committee member questioned whether we should, in the future, discuss with Senate when this committee does not vote things unanimously.  The suggestion was that the full Senate should be privy to the issues raised in the instances when committee members have substantial or strong concerns.


B.  After substantial discussion, the credit hour policy was adopted by the full Senate at the February meeting.


C.  Naming the core-  We revisited rationale behind decision that we cannot name the core.  We will take no further action as of right now regarding this issue.





A.  SoCC chair shared that efforts to populate GC1Y and GC2Y are continuous.  New sections are approved every week. The latest were shared at the February Senate meeting.


B.  Dr. Ormond has visited SoCC twice, as he is taking over as ‘point person’ for Area B.  Issues have cropped up since the implementation of the new core and since no one actually ‘owns’ Area B,  SoCC has requested a point person from Academic Affairs.  Dr. Ormond is spearheading oversight of Area B to assure that such issues are addressed. He will work with SoCC and chairs to address these issues.  One area in particular of concern is making sure that faculty are qualified to teach the sections that they propose or to which they are assigned.

VII) New Business


a. Please remember, when we speak on behalf of CAPC, we must speak on behalf of all CAPC members and any event where CAPC is mentioned must be sanctioned by all committee members.


b.  Special Education Ed.S. course changes were reviewed and briefly discussed. All of these come to SoCC as information items. A member proposed that course level changes such as these don’t really need to come as information items. These go through the college C&I committees and this is sufficient. 


c.  We reviewed and discussed a portion of a proposal from the COB.  It proposes a Public Finance Concentration in Economics. John Swinton provided some background.  While this hasn’t gone through the college governance structure yet, they are working on obtaining the appropriate approvals.  We should anticipate that the full proposal will come to CAPC next month.


d.  Next week, SoCC is going to be considering, for the first time, a GC1Y course that will be team-taught by faculty in different colleges.  While there are many implications that need to be considered, this is an innovative idea for Area B courses.



No further new or old business.


Meeting adjourned at 2:40.
















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