CAPC Minutes 3/22/13


Cara Meade

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Friday, March 22, 2013
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Friday, April 26, 2013 - 3:30pm
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Curriculum and Assessment Policy Committee
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Curriculum and Assessment Policy (CAPC)

Meeting 3/22/13



I) In Attendance: Susan Steele, John Swinton, George Cazacu, Brian Mumma, Cara Meade, Kay Anderson, Koushik Banerjee, Ryan Brown, Joe Mocnik


Regrets: Steve Elliott-Gower


II) Establishment of quorum


III) Approval of February 22, 2013 minutes

Member called for discussion of item from February minutes

Discussion began then was tabled


IV) Approval of Agenda for today, 3/22/13 – Approved


V) Reports:

 a)  Susan provided a report from ECUS and also said that the CAPC annual report will be made available to the committee to read and provide feedback. Please be on the lookout for this after spring break

 b) John provided a report from SoCC. Introduction to World Religions recently passed as an Area C course. Also, two Area D courses were passed. John is sending reminders to faculty who have proposed courses but were sent back for needed revisions. SoCC has three meetings left.


VI) Unfinished Business

a) For consideration, proposals from the College of Business regarding new  Economics concentrations.  There was a discussions of the changes to the proposal since the committee has last seen it. The new concentrations being proposed are in International Economics, Public Economics, and Financial Economics. Rationale for Finance is that they don't have a major in Finance and lose great potential students, strong ones. The hope is that this provides data and creates impetus for adding major.


Q- Committee member thought that we weren’t having concentrations anymore and questioned if that is the case.

A- No, we don’t have any certificates. Also, it is worth pointing out that system has divorced from concentrations. This is an in-house decision.


Further discussion


Call for vote


Unanimously approved


b) Also from College of Business, a proposal to approve two concentrations in Computer Science. They are proposing a semester away at Georgia Institute of Technology for coursework leading to concentrations in Information Internetworks and People. Students will have to opportunity to take a number of courses we can't offer. The proposal is for 12 hours of study for each concentration. Committee discussed proposal and the MOU.


Q-  Regarding the titles, is the phrase ‘semester away’ necessary? And what about a concentration in People? How will these titles be perceived by future employers?

A- Discussion regarding titles and title changes were suggested. There was suggestion to approve this proposal with suggested names going to CoB. The approval is contingent on ‘semester away’ be stricken and something is added to People.  


Vote called


Unanimously approved


c)  Proposal from Nursing: Courses NRSG 8410 and 8420. This committee is approving change in program of study, not the new courses. Rationale is that this will break one course into two. Change proposed after first semester of new, first cohort.  The proposal will eliminate the theory course which faculty view as redundant.  Credit hours won’t change. This simply eliminates one course and splits another one into two.

Q- Are additional resources needed?  At which stage are resources being considered?

A - No additional resources except for faculty reassignment. This discussion happens at the college C&I committee.  Discussion of how thoroughly resoureces are considered (with any new proposal for that matter). CAPC certainly can ask as it is within their purview.

Continued discussion regarding resources. Resources are also considered during new degree proposal process.

Q- In particular, will additional library resources be needed for this course change? Any new databases? They are very expensive and library would need to make arrangements for a new database if needed.

A- No, will use public websites and other such available resources.  


Vote called


All approved


d) Guidelines for courses taught online - long discussion but we aren't sure this is within our purview or was meant for us to consider at present. Committee generated a list of questions to send to ECUS.


e) Returned to the discussion of the minutes from 2/22. A committee member suggestion suggested that the first and last sentences of the paragraph in question be stricken.



Motion to strike first and last sentence


11 yay votes

1 nay vote


VI) New Business


a) Susan handed out certificates to CAPC members present.

b)  Annual report: looking forward? Goal setting: Continuing to address the 4th hour issue.  Discussion. All agree. Please send ideas to Susan.



Meeting adjourned

Action Items: 
Tentative Agenda: