CAPC Minutes 9/27/12


Cara Meade

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Friday, September 27, 2013
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Friday, October 26, 2012 - 2:00pm
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HSB 213

Curriculum and Assessment Policy Committee
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CAPC Minutes, 9/27/2012


In Attendance: Ryan brown,  Brian Mumma, Koushik Banerjee, Joe Mocnik, Kay Anderson, Cara Meade, George Cazacu, Susan Steele, John Swinton


Regrets- Steve Elliott-Gower, David de Posada


I) Approved August minutes


II) SoCC Report:


SoCC is working on better instructions for area b courses. The intention is to continue improving the process in order to assist people even more who are interested in proposing B1 or B2 courses.



Discussion of assessment of the CUBE:

- Forums to discuss the proposed CUBE assessment plan are underway this week.

- We can schedule additional forums if necessary



Other items from SoCC:


-SoCC is looking to CAPC for procedures, we'll adopt


-Global Overlays:


A proposal was brought forth to allow all pre-determined courses in the international plan to carry global overlay but only courses already approved. New courses submitted to the international plan will have to go through SoCC approval for the global overlay. Same with any study abroad course. Proposal is to allow study abroad experiences to carry one overlay (length of experience doesn’t matter). Discussion still ongoing concerning language courses automatically carrying the overlay.

John explained the rational for why these courses can be automatically approved. One reason is that they have already gone through governance. Discussion:  What to do now? Does John write proposal and send to Susan to upload as a motion?  Should this be a CAPC issue? No, it seems like SoCC should decide and inform CAPC. Decision: CAPC should not present a motion as this is an information item.

Further discussion: Shouldn't these courses have to demonstrate outcomes map if they are to be approved?  Isn't this what SoCC is considering? Decision: SoCC has already considered this and spoken to chairs and had extensive discussion. To get going with getting courses approved for the global overlay, this plan seems reasonable.

Discussion – Committee members discussed how they would like to see the paper trail; some indication that the mapping has occurred.


Motion:  SoCC  will approve all courses in the international plan for the global overlay, provided the chairs responsible for the courses consent

Move to approve


All approved

Motion passes


Amendment to the motion to include that there is assurance that mapping these course outcomes to the global overlay outcome occurs. Courses proposed on international plan have to demonstrate mapping to global overlay.

Amendment so moved


Amendment approved by all

Motion passes


Proposed as one final motion, that courses in the international plan will carry the global overlay, given chair approval, and SoCC will ensure that the courses outcomes do indeed map to the global overlay outcome.



Whole motion approved by all

Motion passes



SoCC proposes to approve study abroad experiences for one overlay.

Q- What counts? For example, if a GC2Y course has an international experience, will students get one overlay credit for the experience and one for course?

Q- What about outcomes? If a student is going abroad to study yet takes only ‘American’ courses, does this count for a global overlay experience? Discussion. Decision: If it is a study abroad experience, there are learning outcomes that have to meet the requirements for a global overlay credit.

Q- What about assessment of the global overlay? Decision: SoCC is planning to look at assessment of all overlays next semester.


Motion to approve all international experiences for a global overlay credit




1 abstain

Motion passes


These go to ECUS as information items unless we are directed otherwise. ECUS will direct us on this


- Finally, John shared info about courses approved (4); several more on agenda



III) Unfinished Business:


-MAT EC was investigated. This never went past our Provost’s office. It was presented to senate. Academic Affairs pulled it. It never went to BOR.  Now this is an issue between ECUS and Academic Affairs.

Discussion regarding the paper trail issue. This committee likes the suggestion of requiring more of a paper trail.

Decision: ECUS needs to send this through Senate again


-Credit hour plan has been rerouted to Academic Policy Committee (APC)


-Kay discussed new software that the campus owns that includes a workflow function. Discussion of moving approval processes to a one-stop place, a big benefit is that evidence of routing is clear and the whole approval process is more transparent.  Discussion of paperwork and processes that sometimes don’t seem to work. Software should take care of these needs. Experienced CAPC members will likely be called on to help test the software.  


-Concentrations vs tracks? CAPC will need to consider this. Kay provided background. What does this committee need to consider?  We don’t recognize tracks. We recognize majors, minors, and concentrations. Minor must be given as a part of a degree but stand-alone.

Discussion. Decision: This doesn't need any additional attention on our part. This committee just needs to understand the notions and be able to distinguish as programs propose new degrees.


-Decision made to table online course issue


-Decision made to table case management issue. May be eliminated with software.


IV) New business:


-Substantive changes policy needs to be drafted to include in SACS. This will be an agenda item for this committee for next month (October meeting)


-Also, assessment will be on agenda for the October meeting



Meeting adjourned


Action Items: 
Tentative Agenda: