ECUS October 7, 2011 Minutes


Matt Rodgers

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Friday, October 7, 2011
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Friday, October 14, 2011 - 8:00am
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Parks 301

Executive Committee of the University Senate
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Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

October 7, 2011

Location: Parks 301


Present: Jan Clark, Ken McGill, Sandra Jordan, Catherine Whelan, Edward Whatley, Lyndall Muschell


Regrets: Stas Preczewski, Debby MacMillan


Call to Order: Jan Clark called to order at 9:01. Agenda presented. Motion to add Request for funding for USGFC meeting passed and added. Minutes for September 16 ECUS/SCC chair were approved.


President’s Report & Provost Report – Dr. Jordan: We will begin to send programs to the Board this month. GC took a program off the table at the suggestion of the BOR. The Provost responded to campus questions about contract dates in an email. A verbal report will be given to Senate on October 28 to provide more clarity.


New Business:

Senate apportionment data collection and election procedures: Ken McGill, Chair of SCoN: Apportionment will be ready and presented for October 14 ECUS/SCC meeting


Routing of recognition for years of service to appropriate committee: Came from Dr. Turner, since the matters involves both faculty and staff that RPIPC would be the best fit. Dr. Jordan recommended for RPIPC to meet with HR in discussing this matter.


Request for funding for USGFC meeting - Catherine Whelan: Funding asked for a hotel room to stay the night before. Dr. Jordan requested that Academic Affairs deal with this matter.


Advisory Matters

RPIPC, FAPC, SAPC, APC, CAPC, representative recommendations for SACS Review: In our structure for the SACS  review, the suggestion was made to make sure that Senate was fully involved was to have a representative from each in the steering committee. FAPC representative (Craig Turner) accounted for but awaiting for representatives from the remaining committees. Dr. Clark will send out an email to request the remaining representatives.


Presentation and discussion for approval: Currently have 11 goals, in the process now of streamlining these goals. Every major, graduate program must be assessed. In the core, there are learning initiatives that must be present and accounted for throughout the core. Each outcome has to be assessed in multiple ways, resulting in thousands of ways to assess student learning. Recommending to first call them the “University Shared Learning Goals” Each department should be able to give its own specific outcome to each broad goal. Must report each outcome for assessment. Most universities only have 5 goals whereas GC has 11 goals. The change will be sent to BoR and SACS as an informational item. New Director of Assessment used her Assessment team. Recommended that this matter be steered to CAPC. Last item “Responsible Citizenship” is broad enough to include SGA and other student leadership groups. There is need for two cycles before SACs come.


Presentation and discussion for advisory purposes of the results of the Gap Analysis for the seeking the voluntary institutional Carnegie classification - Sandra Jordan: This institution does a good number of community engagements. Task force formulated, Carol Beard talked about the process used at Western Kentucky in how they became one of the first Carnegie community institutions. The Gap Analysis shows where GC is currently and where GC needs to be to become a Carnegie designation. Have three years before action is needed, but the decision to start or not has to happen soon. It would be best if this was a grassroots movement to strengthen its effect. Deadline would be best to correlate with SACs, a positive consequence of gathering the data. Recommended to route through RPIPC to give recommendations back to Provost Jordan for her to distribute to staff council, SGA, etc with further questions for feedback.


Information Items

Update on Presidential Search Committee progress – Ken McGill, Search Chair: advertisement approved and will be shown in the Chronicle of Higher Education. Enormous response (~400) on the website on the search. Consulting firm is analyzing the surveys and will be present the data next Wednesday and during the meeting, a job description will be formalized. Survey closes on October 7, however website will remain open for input.


Senate Retreat Planning Committee summary report and recommendations – Jan Clark for Dee Sams: report given to the senate at October 28th meeting



Next ECUS/SCC Friday, October 14, 8:00-9:00 am

Next University Senate meeting Friday, October 28, 3:30-4:45 pm

Approved October 14, 2011


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