Executive Committee Meeting February 10, 2012


Deborah MacMillan

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Friday, February 10, 2012
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Friday, March 2, 2012 - 8:00am
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Parks 301

Executive Committee of the University Senate
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ECUS Minutes


Parks 301 (Presidential Conference Room)


Present:  Jan Clark, Ken McGill Lynd all Mitchell, Deborah MacMillan, Judy Malachowski, Edward Whatley, Cara Meade (for Ryan Brown), Tom Ormond (for Sandra Jordan), and Matt Rodgers


Guests:  Jim Fatziwger (A.C.E. Fellow), Peter Basciano (ELI Fellow), Stas Preczewski and Craig Turner (FAPC)



Dr. Sandra Jordan, Catherine Whelan, Ryan Brown


Absent:  Dianne Chamblee


Meeting called to order by Jan Clark

Agenda was approved as submitted

Minutes for January 13, 2012 approved with corrections


CAPC (Cara Meade for Ryan Brown)

CAPC is sending five motions to the Senate for consideration on February 24, 2012. 


New Concentration: Liberal Studies

To approve the new concentrations in Liberal Studies outlined in the supporting documents. This will go forward to Senate.

New Program: M.Ed. with a major in Outdoor Education Administration To approve the new M.Ed. with a major in Outdoor Education Administration. This will go forward to Senate.

New Program: MAT in Early Childhood Education

To approve the new MAT with a major in Early Childhood Education. Dr. Jan Clark noted that at the last ECUS meeting it was recommended that this be tabled until Dr. Jordan had an opportunity to review.

Deactivation:  Minor in International Business

To approve the deactivation of the Minor in International Business. This will go forward to Senate.

Area A1 Outcome Revision

To approve striking "and oral" from the Area A1 outcome as proposed in the supporting documents. This will go forward to Senate.


CAPC is also sending a proposed bylaws revision to ECUS for consideration.


Establish a CAPC Subcommittee

To approve the proposed revision the bylaws of the University Senate, establishing a permanent subcommittee of CAPC.


The bylaws revision would have the effect of making the current ad hoc subcommittee of CAPC a permanent subcommittee.  Dr. Jan Clark noted that this was being presented to Senate at the next meeting, but would not be voted on to the following meeting.


CAPC again revised its review procedures, clarifying that that deactivations and discontinuations of minors would be subject to senate approval.  The rationale for this is that some minor programs require courses outside of a single college, so university-wide approval would ensure that all stakeholders are represented.


Report for ECUS :  By Dr. Judith Malachowski

February 10, 2012


RPIPC did not meet in February.


             Motion submitted to ECUS: Motion 1112.RIPIC.002.0

RPIPC endorses GCSU pursuit of the Carnegie Classification for Community Engagement.  Ken McGill recommended that this be changed from a motion to a resolution.  This will be forward to the Senate for a vote. The supporting is document GCSU Gap Analysis Report.


            RPIPC is reviewing the “training service dogs at Georgia College.”

Some questions from committee members, particularly relating to University Housing:

                        1. Facility maintenance in a residence hall room or apartment 2. Health and/or allergy concerns from residents 3.Sharing living environments with student trainers


Interim President Stas Preczewski noted that since this is a Federal Law, there is really no choice about complying.  This will needs to be routed to SGA policies committee for the development of procedures for implementation.  This should be also discussed with Paul Jones and Marc Cardinelli to make sure that we are in compliance.



Dr. Malachowski asked for clarification of when RIPIC should begin with the assessment survey of faculty, students, and staff regarding the implications of the change of the common meeting time and the impact on the campus.  Dr. Stas Preczewski asked that Dr. Malalchowski discuss this with the Provost and make sure how the committee should proceed.  They are working on developing the questions for the survey. Dr. Tom Ormond stressed that the Provost wanted a full year before any data was collected.


Tentative agenda for the March, 2012 meeting:

             Start planning for end-of-year report


Student Affairs:  No Dianne (no report)


Academic Policy Committee:  No report provided.

There were two motions up to be reviewed. 

Motion 1112.APC.001.P Syllabi Statement on Recording Courses

There are no supporting documents attached.  The committee recommended that Dr. Jan Clark get with Amy Pinney for clarification.


Motion 1112.APC.002.C

Policy on Legislative Requirements pertaining to U.S. And Georgia Constitution

There are no supporting documents attached. The committee recommended that Dr. Jan Clark get with Amy Pinney for clarification.


Faculty Affairs Committee (FAPC) Report:  By Craig Turner


See the attached report


Item C (Faculty Pay – 12 month option) was discussed by Dr. Stas Preczewski, and he stated he would provide a written report regarding the immense cost (approximately $100,000) to implement this.  Dr. Craig Turner will take this information back to the committee.


ECUS by Jan Clark

Motion 1112.EC.001.B  To reduce lead-time for submission to the Senate from 15 days to 10 days.


 Dr. Craig Turner brought up a downside, that this would possibly tighten the window for ECUS to get this out to the full Senate to only 2 days.


Template of University Senate Committee Annual Report Template is provided.  The proposed date is Friday April 27, 2012.  Is there a problem with that deadline?   No questions or concerns.


No Provost report

No President report.


Adjourned at 10: 05

Submitted by Deborah MacMillan

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Tentative Agenda: