Executive Committee Meeting Minutes September 16, 2011


Deborah MacMillan

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Friday, September 16, 2011
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Friday, October 7, 2011 - 8:00am
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Parks 301

Executive Committee of the University Senate
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Executive Committee  & Chairs Meeting Minutes
September 16, 2011
Location: Parks 301


Members Present: Jan Clark (Hoffmann),  Ryan Brown, Dianne Chamblee, David de Posada, Liz Havey, Sandra Jordan, Deborah MacMillan, Ken McGill, Lyndall Muschell, Amy Pinney,  Matt Rogers,  Edward Whately, Catherine Whelan


Regrets: Stas Preczewski, Judy Malachowski, Craig Turner


Call to Order

Jan Clark called to order at 8:05 am.  Agenda presented


President's Report

Provided by the Provost in the absence of Stas Preczewski

President’s report focused on the meeting this week with the Board of Regents.

Board of Regents will encourage a slow down on new building projects across the university system, but will now have an emphasis on restoration of old buildings.  It is anticipated that this will benefit our GCSU campus, especially with the renovation of Ennis Hall.  This still remains on the Board of Regents agenda for approval.


Given that we are looking at a 2% reduction in the budget this year, we are being asked to hold plans for the development of new programs. The Board of Regents will not be reviewing any new programs during the immediate time period, while higher standards for the approval of new programs are being developed.  Standards will focus on anticipated enrollment and graduation rates for programs.  Programs that are requesting new faculty lines will be expected to meet at least minimum standards. New undergraduate programs should be graduating at least 10 students per year and graduate programs should be graduating at least 8 students per year. In response to financial pressures it is anticipated that we will be asked to close down programs based on a history of low enrollment and/or graduation rates.


A review of existing USG institutions will be ongoing throughout this year for the purpose of looking at the possibility of consolidating some universities. Georgia has a very large number of institutions for the population base.   We do not anticipate that Georgia College is in any danger. 


Provost’s Report


It was announced this week that GC will complete the implementation of the previous salary study for faculty and will launch the salary study for staff this year.  The President has asked that we launch a new national study on salaries for GCSU.


Ken McGill

Report on the Presidential Search. Consultants for the Presidential Search will be here next week.  The plan is to meet with as many stake holders as possible.   After discussion with the members of ECUS,  the dates were selected for the open forums. They will be scheduled for noon  Thursday September 22 and 2pm Friday September 23.  An individual survey will go out to everyone in a few weeks and that information will be aggregated. The development of the survey will be largely drawn from the information obtained during the open fora.   A “Tell us what you want Box” on the

GC search web site for faculty, staff, and community stakeholders is also being deployed.   The consultants will meet with the members of ECUS and the Standing Committee Chairs at 5pm on Friday October 23rd immediately following the Senate Meeting.  It was stressed that the opportunity for input into the presidential search is from now until mid October.


Committee Reports:


CAPC: Ryan Brown

A motion from the College of Education was presented for a name change. It is for the renaming M. Ed. In Secondary Education to M. Ed. Secondary Education in Curriculum and Instruction only. This will technically be posted one day later than the eight-day requirement for the Senate Agenda and so will require a 2/3 majority when the Senate votes. This is a priority because it is related to an accreditation issue for their upcoming review. This was approved by ECUS to be placed on the Senate Agenda.


General announcement:  If your college or department wants to develop a B1 course,

John Swinton is contact person for these proposals.


SAPC: Dianne Chamblee:

General report was given. The development of a new Sexual Abuse Policy will be put on hold until Mike Augustine can bring forward the information from his committee.

 It was announced that Maxwell Pichan, new student representative, would now be on this committee.


APC:  Amy Pinney

Syllabi requirements – need subcommittee to work on. The Provost pointed out that this is considered an Institutional Risk Issue and should be addressed from that perspective.


 It was noted that there is a discrepancy with start date for faculty in the handbook.  David de Posada stated that this was already being addressed by FAPC.


Also brought forward was a question regarding the lack of enforcement for smoking policy? The discussion from APC related to whose responsibility it is to enforce the smoking policy.  It was suggested that perhaps RPIPC could look at original proposal for clarification.  It was discussed that we thought the original proposal did not want enforcement of the policy to be punitive; but should be policed by the community at large.


Issue with graduate student waivers was brought forward.   The question was why do graduate students receive waivers, but not graduate research assistants? It was discussed that this is normally a departmental policy. More information perhaps needs to be provided to the departments about the university policy.  It was suggested that this question be addressed with Tom Ormond.


It was reported that clarification was sought from Alice Loper, Director of Student Health Clinic, as to what information should be provided in writing to the faculty when students are seen in the clinic. Mrs. Loper will provide that information and discuss with members of APC. 


Another concern brought forward was the recognition of university employees after 10 years/15 years of service.  Presently individuals are being recognized the year following the anniversary. It was proposed that perhaps this could be addressed so that individuals are recognized in the anniversary year, instead of the following year. Dr. Jordan will look at issue and report back on this.


Concern was expressed over the fact that students are requesting that a class be made an honors options after class has started. Additional information was requested as to how this should be handled.  It was suggested that this be addressed with Steve Glower.


FAPC: David de Posada

Stated that he will provide detailed minutes from his committee at for the full Senate meeting. Items discussed briefly related to questions regarding the following: 1.)Extra compensation procedures:  Will those faculty who teach in the summer and go beyond the allotted # of students receive additional compensation? 2.) Clarification of faculty start and end date. 3.) Concerns expressed over access to information on Digital Measures. 4l) Request that faculty have a say into what system is adopted for obtaining Faculty Surveys from students.  


RPIPC: Liz  Havey

 Reported concern over access to institutional policies that were passed last year and now could not be located in the electronic database. Specifically it was noted that there was uncertainty as to who is currently responsible for updating this information.  These questions will be directed to Paul Jones for clarification.


A history of problems with book availability was reported related to the bookstore.  It was suggested that the bookstore owner be asked to come in and discuss these issues and ways to resolve the problems be sought.


It was reported that a new Shared Leave Policy is being looked at and developed.


Unfinished Business

Approved ECUS operating procedures

Need operating procedures from other Standing Committees on Record

Josh Kitchens is the Senate Archivist.



ECUS next meeting October 7th

ECUS & Chairs next meeting October 14,  8am Parks 301





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