Executive Committee of the University Senate September 24 Minutes


Dean Baker

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Parks 301

Executive Committee of the University Senate
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Present: Dean Baker, Tanya Goette, Jan Hoffman-Clark, Provost Jordan, Karynne Kleine, Ken McGill, Christine Zuger

Regrets: President Leland

Guest: Matthew Rogers


Ken McGill called the meeting to order at 11:05 am


1. Approval of Sept 17 minutes: All present approved the September 17, 2010 minutes.  

2. Frequently Denied Motions: Ken McGill led the discussion concerning frequently denied motions (which came as a suggestion from the governance retreat evaluations). Ken suggested creating a link on the senate website for frequently denied motions. All present discussed motions, ideas, issues, concerns etc… that have historically surfaced from time-to-time and are either denied or not implemented for some reason. All present agreed that a list of frequently denied motions, ideas, issues, concerns etc… will be compiled. In order to facilitate the compilation of the list, past presiding officers of the University Senate will be contacted. After the presiding officers are contacted, past standing committee chairs will be contacted for input.


3. Bylaws Consulting Committee: Ken McGill initiated the discussion concerning the representation of the consulting committee for the bylaws drafting committee. All present discussed the importance of including representation of all areas from the campus community. All present agreed that the bylaws consulting committee will consist of: 1. the past presiding officer of the university senate, 2. a representative from CoAS, 3. representative from CoB, 4. representative from CoE, 5. representative from CoHS, 6. a student representative, and 7. a staff representative. Currently Craig Turner (CoAS), Karynne Kleine (past presiding officer), Ken Farr (CoB), and Alissa Torchia (student representative) are serving on the committee. All present agreed a CoHS and a staff representative are needed to complete the representatives on the bylaws consulting committee. 


4. ECUS Operating Procedures: Ken McGill distributed, via email and projected on the overhead screen, a draft of the 2010-2011 ECUS operating procedures. After a few minor editorial changes all members voted for the operating procedures.

5. Calendar: Tanya Goette distributed, via email, a draft of the governance calendar. Tanya discussed the historical reasoning behind adding department meetings, college meetings, and professional development to the governance calendar. After discussion all present agreed the department, college and professional development meetings are necessary to include in the governance calendar. 

6. University Senate election apportionment: Ken McGill distributed via email and projected on the overhead screen, the apportionment worksheet.  Ken identified that the number of faculty members in the colleges of business, education, and health sciences increased from last year and the number of senators apportioned increased proportionately. However, with the increase in the number of apportioned faculty senators, the total number of faculty senators increased from 34 to 35. Ken pointed out that the senate bylaws state there are 34 faculty senators. After much discussion, a motion was made to distribute the number of faculty senators based on faculty representation per senator. Therefore, the number of apportioned senators will be Library 2 senators, CoB 5 senators, CoE 5 senators, CoHS 5 senators, and CoAS 17 senators. The motion passed.

7.      Sick leave: Dean Baker, prompted by a concern from a faculty member in the CoHS, asked for discussion and guidance concerning faculty sick leave. After discussion all members agreed the faculty member can be directed to the current Georgia College policy and BOR faculty sick leave policies (which has already been done).

8.      Domain name change: Ken McGill, prompted by a discussion implemented by several faculty members and staff members, asked for discussion and guidance concerning the possibility of a domain name change. After discussion, which centered on the enormity of the issue concerning a domain name change, all members agreed a domain name change would be a procedural item and not a policy item.


Action Items: 


1.      Dean Baker to post September 17, 2010 meeting minutes on University meeting minutes website.

2.      Ken McGill to contact University Senate past presiding officers.

3.      a. Dean Baker to contact Lisa Griffin from CoHS. b. Ken McGill to contact staff council representative.

4.      Ken McGill to post ECUS operating procedures on the senate website.

5.      All members and guest to continue review of the draft of governance calendar.

6.      Ken McGill to post the apportionment document on the senate website.

7.      No action needed.

8.      No action needed.


Tentative Agenda: 

Tentative Oct 15 Agenda

1.      Governance Calendar

2.      University Senate bylaws

Ken McGill adjourned the meeting at 11:55 am.