Minutes 9-3-10


Cynthia Rodriguez Cano

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University Dining Room

Student Affairs Policy Committee
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Myron Avila, Cynthia Rodriguez Cano, Claire Cantrell, Diane Chamblee, Sara Buck Doude, Jennifer Graham, Bruce Harsbarger, Shaina McGill, Macon McGinley, Greg Brown


The Sponsorship Policy was reviewed to consider modifications suggested by RPIPC.  The following modifications were approved:

1.  Eliminate gift-in-kind references,

2.  Add sponsorships and fundraisers are synonymous,

3.  Add sponsorships and donations in the amount of $1,000 or more must adhere to the guidelines of the Office of University Advancement,

4.  Add Georgia College divisions, departments, units or RSOs may request a non-contract organization be added to the contract organization list,

5.  Add thank you notes, as opposed to advertisements, are permitted provided they do not include brand image, logo, or bylines, and

6.  Change advance approval is required by Auxiliary Services, not Department of Campus Life.

The revised Sponsorship Policy will be forward to Senate for consideration of adoption.

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