Minutes os SAPC


Cynthia Rodriguez Cano

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University Dining

Student Affairs Policy Committee
Minutes Text: 

Myron Avila, Dianne Chamblee, Jennifer Graham, Evan Karanovich, Shaina McGill, Macon McGinley, Zack Mullins, Bruce Harshbarger, Karen Berman

Regrets:  Cynthia Cano, Sarah Doude, Macon McGinley, Rebecca Mullis

Jennifer Graham acted as Chair and Secretary


The proposed Judical Board Amesty Policy was reviewed and revised (see attachment).  The policy will be presented to the Senate for approval.

Action Items: 

A Religious Accommodation Policy for students will be undertaken.  Although such a policy exist for GCSU employees, a policy for students has yet to be developed.

Tentative Agenda: 

Reglious Accommodation Policy for GCSU Students