RPIPC Budget Meeting 12/6/10


Liz Havey

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Atkinson 202

Resources, Planning and Institutional Policy Committee
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Chris Skelton, Pete Shields, Judy Malachowski, Susan Allen, Edward Whatley, Lyndall Muschell, Catherine Whelan, Jen Maraziti, Liz Havey


Review President’s priority standards for evaluating budget requests

  • Focus on consistency across institution by applying the same set of priority categories to all divisions and colleges
  • Highest priority will go to retaining temporarily funded faculty and staff positions
  • Critical need to keep institution running with particular attention to the health and safety of faculty, staff, and students
  • Efficiency and best use of available resources will be considered
  • Will not rank order individual items within each priority group as things may come up, which would require re-ranking
  • Waiting for governor to announce state and higher education budget recommendations
  • Requests will fall within the priorities discussed with RPIPC
    • If funding can come from other resources, those sources should be sought out before being considered for inclusion in the overall budget
  • Some questions about requests remain unanswered
    • Extra compensation for special accreditation procedures – cannot create institutional disparity and will need to determine if this is standard practice
    • New programs: are these requests to fund studies of viability or to fund the programs?
  • Vehicle requests will not be granted until an overall fleet management program is put into place
    • Need to ensure cost effectiveness and need, long range planning
    • Car rental program may alleviate some need for fleet replacement
  • Open Forum to inform community of request prioritization will be December 15th at 12noon
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