RPIPC Minutes November 4th, 2011


Sean Espinosa

Meeting Date: 
Friday, November 4, 2011
Date of Next Meeting: 
Friday, December 2, 2011 - 3:30pm
Location of Next Meeting: 

Health Sciences Building 211

Resources, Planning and Institutional Policy Committee
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Members present: Susan Allen, Sean Espinosa, Liz Havey, Sally Humphries, Paul Jones, Lucy Kachmarik, Greg Mahan, Judy Malachowski, Jen Maraziti, Stephen Price, Chris Skelton

Regrets: Beth McCauley

Absent: Will Hobbs


I.          Call to order

            Call to order at 3:32



II.        Approval of Agenda


III.       Approval of Minutes

            October 7, 2011



IV.       Information Items

A.   Reports from Members


V.        Unfinished Business


VI.       New Business

A.            Carnegie Community Engagement Gap Report – attached – Judy Malachowski

Request from ECUS/Jan Clark:

“I think a recommendation for the next step is the appropriate response. Given the faculty sense of "initiative fatigue" I think the Provost is looking for us to decide whether we think this deserves further consideration/vetting/surveying/ or not. Feel free to investigate, follow-up and recommend as you see fit.”


B.             Mr. Harry Battson – University Communication


Mr. Harry Battson came to RPIPC to explain what the mission and goals of University Communications are. University Communications receive many forms of publication to advertise University events in various areas, from performances to student activities. They have access to channels 4 and 59, and recently acquired Bobcat Vision. If given a week to ten days notice prior to an event, University Communications will be able to promote any event strongly and effectively. An email is sent out each week called “GC Highlights”, which centers on 3 or 4 links of events occurring on campus, with a brief description of each event. University Communications created an op list that would allow people to choose which messages they would like to receive that correlate to their interests. IT is developing a new technology that would allow people to post on an intranet that would allow the university community to share events and information. There is no cost for having University Communications to promote an event, except if an individual or organization wishes to purchase flyers or ad space. University Communications prioritizes the promotion of student activities on Bobcat Vision, as Student Government funds the service.


C.             Ms. Carol Ward – Interim Director, Human Resources – changes to benefits plan


There have been some concerns received through emails in regards to the network where certain doctors already being seen may not be included. 96 % of doctors in the area will be included in the network, however it is up to the providers to join the network. Blue Cross Blue Shields have the responsibility to ensure that communication is there between the individual and the provider. Human Resources will try to have Blue Cross Blue Shields representative come to campus. The Board Of Regents has a benefits administrator who is responsible in negotiating with the Blue Cross Blue Shields to insure proper and fair coverage. The following number is the Board of Regents customer service line where employees can call with questions and concerns about Blue Cross Blue Shields: 800-424-8950. From Nov. 10-18th there will be an open forum held from 1-5PM at Chappell Hall to discuss the benefits about Blue Cross Blue Shields. It was suggested that employees are notified about the changes in benefits early on before the fair. Currently there are no women’s health care providers available in the Milledgeville area and only 6 family practitioners in the area. No policy is in place at the moment and they hope to have someone join the network soon. There is much confusion among employees about accessing the information on Blue Cross Blue Shields network coverage. There are many issues to address as the November 18th deadline to settle on a plan is fast approaching. Blue Cross Blue Shields did not communicate about the changes in a timely manner. There is no time frame on negotiations at the moment. According to Human Resources, $300 million was spent in 2011 on health care, with $706 million predicted in 2012. The new health coverage plan could have a major impact on the recruitment of employees to Georgia College.


            D. Sponsorship Policy—Dr. Paul Jones


A local search had begun for sponsorships for WRGC, Georgia College’s public radio station and Connection Magazine outside of University Communications. There is the possibility of amending the sponsorship policy to include WRGC and Connection Magazine. Dr. Paul Jones raised a motion to present the policy and add two additional exemptions to the policy: WRGC, the public radio station and Connection Magazine outside of University Communications. The motion carries and will be presented at the next University Senate meeting.


VII.      Tentative Agenda for next meeting

A.   Smoking policy

B.    Community Engagement / Carnegie

C.    Service Recognition


VIII.    Opportunity for secretary to clarify notes


IX.       Adjournment

Adjourned at 4:45 PM

Action Items: 


Tentative Agenda: 

To Be Determined