RPIPC Minutes October 7, 2011


Sean Espinosa

Meeting Date: 
Friday, October 7, 2011
Date of Next Meeting: 
Friday, November 4, 2011 - 3:30pm
Location of Next Meeting: 

Health Sciences Building 211

Resources, Planning and Institutional Policy Committee
Minutes Text: 

Members Present: Sean Espinosa, Liz Havey, Will Hobbs, Paul Jones, Lucy Kachmarik, Judy Malachowski, Jen Maraziti, Stephen Price

Sends Regrets: Susan Allen, Greg Mahan, Beth McCauley, Chris Skelton

Members Absent: Sally Humphries

Guests: Kyle Cullars, Lynda Grable, Janet Tasker


I.          Call to order and approval of agenda

            Call to order at 3:35PM

II.        Approval of Minutes

            September 2, 2011


            Paul Jones motioned to approve the minutes and Will Hobbs seconded.

            Minutes were approved as posted.

III.       Information Items

A.   Reports from members

            Will Hobbs- green fee committee objectives, promoting sustainability throughout   campus.

            Paul Jones- FY13 budget process underway, tentative day for budget forums will be posted in late November.  The campus community will be invited to hear presentations from vice presidents and Deans on their budget request. Each presentation will be posted 48 hours prior to the forum. 


            Jen Maraziti- Staff Council is working with Human Resources to draft a new Shared Leave policy. This policy would allow for the current system to stay in place and the new system to run simultaneously. Details will be forthcoming.


B.    Hercules server

a.     Hercules is showing signs of aging and becoming unreliable

b.     Web Enabled Services (who hosts this server) will be moving/phasing out accounts from Hercules to http://faculty.gcsu.edu over the next year

c.     All new accounts are being created on http://faculty.gcsu.edu

d.     for more information, contact Wesley Smith (Web Enabled Service is now called the IDEA Center)


C.    GC Policy Manual link

a.     Faculty and staff have access to university policies through its online policy manual, http://policies.gcsu.edu

b.     A “forms” section links to the most commonly searched university forms, and a “search” function provides trouble-free access by topic.

c.     Access is also available through the myCATS favorite links page (http://mycats.gcsu.edu/cp/home/loginf ) or the university “A-Z” index on Georgia College's website.

d.     Questions about specific policies and guidelines should be directed to the individual identified on the "Introduction" page located on the policy homepage (http://policies.gcsu.edu ).


IV.       Unfinished Business


V.        New Business

A.   Kyle Cullars – Textbook orders

The mission for auxiliary services is to be financially self-supporting, to enhance the quality of campus life and to be considered as an integral part of the learning environment. The bookstore meets a demand from students of providing customer service from interacting with staff. Last year the bookstore generated $3 million worth of sales with 362 textbook titles available. The advantages of a private bookstore include having an increased inventory, a full service year round buy back program, providing affordable books to students, guaranteed revenue stream, personal management, being able to take advantage of industry software through volume purchasing. Deadlines for requesting titles are necessary in order for the bookstore to make decisions on correct titles and be able to buy books back from students to be used for the following semester. Part of book shortage is because teachers fail to notify the bookstore of more students taking a certain class and not updating them on the amount of texts needed. The bookstore is competing with other bookstores to have texts delivered. The bookstore has many resources that faculty and staff are unaware of. It is highly suggested that faculty invite the bookstore employees to meetings to speak and explain the resources available to them. SGA can work with Auxiliary Services to look into developing a textbook payment plan.

B.    Approval of operating procedures [draft attached]

            Reviewed the policy on the operations of RPIPC

            Lucy Kachmarik motioned to approve the procedures and Liz Havey seconded the motion.

            Procedures approved with correction of typographical errors.

C.    Selection of a RPIPC member to serve as a liaison on the Georgia College Sustainability Council - http://www.gcsu.edu/green/ - the group meets third Wednesday of every month at 3:30 p.m. in Health Science Building 211.

            Beth McCauley volunteered to serve on the Sustainability Council.

D.    Selection of a RPIPC member to serve on the SACS steering committee.

Lucy Kachmarik volunteered to serve on the SAC Steering Committee.

E.   Pedestrian safety:

            Jim Lidstone- possibility of developing a grant

            Informing students of pedestrian safety through education

VI.       Tentative Agenda for next meeting

A.     Smoking policy

B.     Shared leave policy

C.     Sponsorship policy

D.    Review of campus communication – Harry Battson

VII.      Opportunity for secretary to clarify notes

VIII.    Adjournment

            Adjourned at 4:45 PM

Action Items: 


Tentative Agenda: 

To Be Determined