RPIPC - November 5, 2010


Bevan Burgamy

Recorder Email: 
Location of Next Meeting: 

Atkinson 202

Resources, Planning and Institutional Policy Committee
Minutes Text: 

Guests: Paul Jahr, Mark Meeks, Young Ho Cha, and Diane Kirkwood.

Present: Chris Skelton, Susan Allen, Edward Whatley, Pete Shields, Catherine Whelan, Jen Maraziti, and Bevan Burgamy.

Regrets: Erin Warnock, Judy Malachowski and Liz Havey. 


Meeting Called to Order at 12:30pm.

Agenda unanimously approved.

Minutes from last meeting unanimously approved.


New Business:

Red Flag Policy:

Deadline is Dec. 31, 2010

Dr. Jordan would like RPIPC to have something presented to Senate at the next meeting.

The plan will be to comply with the necessary mandates. Since departments can alter the parameters around the policy for their purposes, there will be general procedures that will need to be covered by all areas.

Old Business:

Motor Vehicle Policy:

Diane updated the documents based on the feedback from the last meeting.

Question: Was a reference to the utility cart policy put in place?
The policy regarding utility cart that was passed last year through RPIPC, could be used as a cross reference. Diane will add something regarding current procedure in the FAQ section.

FAQ Sheet: Does the policy apply to "students that are not employed", should we include the possibility of student volunteers. The primary role of the student would be a student role.

Diane will replace the language of Motor Vehicle Use Policy to Motor Vehicle Policy.

The biggest concern for most people will be regarding driving their own vehicles. It explains it better in the policy purpose but it is more clarified than the board policy as written. All employees who receive a paycheck will be affected.

Add to definition the use of personal vehicle on university business to the policy purpose definition.

Suggestion: first sentence in the policy purpose should include the explanation that the policy applies to state owned or personal vehicle, if you are on university business.

Documents being reviewed:

  • Driver Acknowledgment form (needs to be completed every year along with travel authorization).
  • Reporting forms (only completed when an accident occurs).
  • Policy Statement
  • FAQs


Information Items:

RPIPC’s meeting with the president has been rescheduled to 12:30 on the 6th of December (Monday).  


Budget presentations will be on the 17th and 18th from 11-1. Catherine will send out a reminder with more information.


Meeting adjourned at 1:15pm.


Action Items: 

Motion: Move to put forward the policy statement (see below) to be presented to senate. Motion unanimously approved.

Policy Statement:  The US Federal Trade Commission's (“FTC”) has established “Red Flags Rules”, which implements Section 114 of the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003.   Pursuant to the requirements of the “Red Flag Rules”, GCSU shall establish procedures within each relevant department and/or division to implement these rules.


Motion: Move to put forward the Motor Vehicle Use Policy statement after minor amendments as discussed.
 Motion unanimously approved.

Policy Statement:  GCSU’s Motor Vehicle Policy ensures all employees who drive University/State of Georgia vehicles has appropriate documentation of a license to drive and operate the vehicle. The policy shall require appropriate screening based on nature of the driving requirements associated with the employee’s position.  Any university employee who receives a payroll check from the University is affected by this policy including all student and part time casual labor employees.  This policy also applies to any volunteer that is responsible for driving as a part of their volunteer role for the university.


Tentative Agenda: