UCC Meeting 9/8/10 - Minutes

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Subcommittee on the Core Curriculum
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UCC Meeting 9/8/10 - Minutes


In attendance: Roxanne Farrar,  Ken Farr, Barbara Funke, Caralyn Zehnder, Steve Elliott-Gower, Ryan Brown, Alex Blazer, Cara Meade


~Call to order, 1:32.


I)                   Approval of Minutes:

a. Question - Are we posting minutes to the university website? Cara will find out.

b. Minutes were unanimously approved with no revisions from last week, 9/1.


II)         Announcements:  

a.       Change of chair – Ken has been appointed interim chair

b.      We need to get current courses moved over quickly – 1st order of business

c.       Finish templates for next stage which is approving new courses.

d.      Complete templates for moving existing courses over.


II)                Routing procedures:

a.       Approval through college curriculum committee (C&I)

b.      University Curriculum Committee (UCC)

Committee will consult with their areas and vote on this next week. This will be first on the agenda for next week.


III)              Getting old courses moved over:

a. Are courses that we (UCC) approve to go to the provost for approval or do we have the final ‘authority’ to approve? We will find out (Ken or Caralyn).

b. Ken shared a checklist that he made  to evaluate moving old ‘current’ courses over. We like it. Suggetion– change middle columns to reflect the mapping between core and course outcome. Suggested changes:  1)add a second column asking for the core outcome being addressed 2) change wording of middle column (now 3rd column) to read -‘Which course outcome(s) align with this core outcome?’

c. Committee recommends friendly reminder from Provost to chairs to get UPS updated (outcomes) by 9/15. Caralyn will do this. Areas A-E. 

d. Can we go ahead and do the ones that easily map? Yes, we need to do this as soon as outcomes are updated in UPS. Assignments are as follows:


A1 – Alex

A2 – Ryan

B- Steve and Alex

C- Roxanne and Cara

D- Ryan and Caralyn

E- Stephanie and Ken


e. Ryan went over changes, area by area, for the committee to consider regarding the proposal that was passed by CAPC on Friday, Sept. 3.



IV)              Learning beyond the classroom:

a.       Can not find ‘official’ definition for LBTC

b.      Committee discussed broadening LBTC statement and parameters for Area B explanation. Cara is going to rework LBTC statement to include more examples and the idea of supporting ‘creative engaging pedagogies’.


Next meeting, September 15, 2010 from 12:30-1:45 in the available Atkinson Hall conference room.

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