University Curriculum Committee Minutes 02/02/2011


Cara Meade

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011 - 12:30pm
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Atkinson 201

Subcommittee on the Core Curriculum
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University Curriculum Committee



In attendance: Ken Farr, Caralyn Zehender, Barbara Funke, Alex Blazer, Cara Meade, Roxanne Farrar


I)  Minutes from 12/01 and 1/ 19 approved with minor revisions.


II) Discussions regarding late submissions:

The members of the committee suggested that they need more time to review proposals that come in last minute (i.e. the morning of or night before the next meeting).  Discussion concluded with decisions that proposals that don’t come forth to the committee within 48 hours will be reviewed at the next meeting.

Submissions received from this morning will be discussed this week via email and will be voted on at the next meeting at the latest. Depending on the content of the proposals, Ken may call for an electronic vote prior to the next meeting.


III) Discussion of courses for approval:


Area D- Geography 1112: Introduction to Weather and Climate

This course must meet all 3 outcomes.  Discussion of whether the proposal does this or not.  Committee agreed that science outcome is met. However, the discussion focused on the fact that the math and technology outcomes do not seem to be explicitly articulated. Questions arose regarding how well the math and technology will be covered.  Outcomes 1 and 3 need revisiting to further align course outcomes as proposed to the core outcomes. Proposal will be sent back with feedback. Suggestion that technology could be covered in the lab GEOG 1112L.


Area D - GEOG 1113: Introduction to Landforms

Same concerns as above considering the math and technology outcomes.

Another concern from this committee is that this course as proposed is very close to Physical Geology (GEOL 1121) that is already in the core in area D. 


Global perspectives overlay for ENSC 1000: Introduction to Environmental Science was unanimously approved.


Related question regarding overlays:  Can all Honors course sections (‘H’ designation) apply to have a global overlay?   Kay Anderson answered this in a previous email correspondence saying no, that all either all sections of a course received the overlay or none can.  This committee agreed with her response. So if this is the desire of the honors program, they will have to make all of the honors course sections their own freestanding courses.


IV) Discussion for courses received for feedback:


Area C2 ARTS 1110: Arts and Ideas

Meets the outcome. Is this course too similar to 1105?  Clarification is that one will be taught from the art historians’ perspective and the other will be taught by the studio faculty so they will offer clearly different perspectives. Committee agreed with this distinction.   Committee will provide positive feedback to the proposer and send along a reminder to the proposer that the course must go through the College’s C&I committee.




Bylaws drafting committee is charged with drafting bylaws upon the recommendation from ECUS.


Perhaps CAPC should propose recommendation to ECUS regarding the functioning of UCC.  The senate should write bylaws and subsume this committee.



Next meeting 2/16/11 12:30 Atkinson 201.

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