University Curriculum Committee Minutes 1/19/2011


Cara Meade

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011
Date of Next Meeting: 
Wednesday, February 2, 2011 - 12:30pm
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Atkinson 201

Subcommittee on the Core Curriculum
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University Curriculum Committee



Present: Caralyn Zehnder, Ryan Brown, Stephanie McClure, Cara Meade, Steve Elliott-Gower



I) Minutes

We need to review and approve December 1 minutes.  We will do this via email this week.


II) Approval of Proposed Courses


1.  Changes were submitted for the course GC1Y 1000 - Contemporary Health Issues as suggested by this committee at the Dec. 1 meeting.  All present voted for final approval for the course.


2.  Discussion regarding the proposal for the course GC1Y 1000 - Computer and Information Technology.   All present voted in favor of approving this course.


3.  Discussion regarding the proposal for Introduction to Music Literature.   Committee will seek clarification as to whether they are submitting for area C1 or C2.  This seems to be an appropriate C2 (fine arts) course. Committee will suggest that the course function be reworded and also suggest that they list out learning outcomes rather than provide a narrative.  Committee voted to table this vote until more information is provided.



III) Discussion of Courses Submitted for Review


1.     GC2Y 2000 -Global Connections


Feedback from UCC:

a.     Need outcomes articulated

b.     Need to look at the breadth of the content this course is proposing to cover.

c.      Need writing overlay.

d.     LBTC activities need to be revisited.  Perhaps focus on the service learning component and how it ties back to the course outcomes.


2.     Introduction to Geospatial Science (Area D)


Feedback from UCC:

a.     Meets technology outcome well.  Since this course does not have to meet all three outcomes it seems sufficient in meeting area outcomes.

b.     Rest of the course seems appropriate and ready for approval once submitted.



3.     GC1Y 1000 - Literature Performance


Feedback from UCC:

a.     Title needs clarification.

b.     Proposal should include an enumerated list for learning outcomes  (‘Students will be able to….’)

c.      We like the LBTC components.



IV) Additional Items


1.     There has been significant discussion regarding how information of new area B1 and B2 course sections will be disseminated to the campus community, specifically students. How will students know what each course is before they register? They at least need a course description so they can make informed choices during the registration process.  Has a mechanism been identified to do this? Is there something in place?  Is it the responsibility of this committee to see that this is put in place?  Ken will speak with Dr. Jordan about this.


2.     UCC is wondering how many sections of each B1 and B2 course sections will be offered in the Fall?  Has anyone asked for this information? Is there an official ‘count’ anywhere of how many sections we currently have to offer? If not, who should be asked to provide this information?  Is this the responsibility of this committee?  Ken will check with Dr. Jordan.


3.     Is there still consideration for keeping the B1 and B2 courses small, around 20 or 25? Will this be adhered to beginning this fall?  We are very committed to this recommendation given the additional components that these courses carry. Ken will check with Dr. Jordan.


4.     Committee voted to meet biweekly this spring semester.  Next meeting will be February 2nd in Atkinson 201.


5.     UCC feels like another email needs to go out to the campus community asking for additional submissions to the core, specifically area B. Caralyn has already composed such an email that did not go out in the fall. This will go out on the faculty announce list this week.

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