University Curriculum Committee Minutes 12/01/11


Cara Meade

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011 - 12:30pm
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Atkinson 201

Subcommittee on the Core Curriculum
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University Curriculum Committee

Atkinson Hall 201




Present: Kay Anderson, Alex Blazer, Steve Elliott-Gower, Ken Farr, Roxanne Farrar, Barbara Funke, Stephanie McClure, Deborah Vess, Caralyn Zehnder


1. 11/17 Meeting Minutes: Approved


2. B1 Public Deliberations: Approved

            Ken Farr will ask author clarification regarding whether s/he wants to add the US



3. B1 Philosophy & Meaning: Pending

The Committee sent the proposal back to the author with suggested revisions.  The LBTC component needs to be more rigorous and the outcome needs to be reworked to include multiple intellectual approaches).  The Committee also recommends that the Global Overlay be added to the section.


4. B1 Psychological Ethics: Approved

After discussing whether the section would be too advanced for freshman because it seemed to build on a foundational course in the major, the Committee approved the section with one nay vote.


5. B1 Contemporary Health Issues: Approval Pending Changes

            The Committee tentatively approved the section as long as the proposal was reworded

             to make it clear that there were going to be formal, graded speaking situations in the

            Speaking Emphasis.


6. Revised B1/B2 Packets: Approved

            The Committee approved the changes to B1/B2 packets and approved that they be posted

            to UCC website.


7. B2 Seven Revolutions 2: Approved

            Before the discussion and vote on his proposal, Steve Elliott-Gower recused himself and

            left the meeting.


8. Other Business

The Committee discussed that Spring semester meetings take place at the same time and place and that we wait until third week of the semester to convene. 

The Committee discussed its duties next semester, which will include reviewing B1/B2 courses as they come in, create by-laws (Ken Farr will determine if this can or should be done by the Senate Ad-Hoc Committee on creating by-laws).

            The Committee received updates from Deborah Vess. The revised core proposal and new

core classes are being routed through the BOR structure. The Provost decided that Area B core classes cannot be used as prerequisites for the major.


9. Meeting adjourned at 1:16PM.

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