University Curriculum Committee Minutes 2012-04-19


A. Kay Anderson

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Thursday, April 19, 2012
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A&S 315

Subcommittee on the Core Curriculum
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Call to Order
The meeting was called to order by John Swinton at 8:30 a.m., in Arts & Sciences Room 315.

Members Present: Martha Allen, Scott Butler, Kevin Crabb, Esther Lopez, Mary Magoulick, Cara Meade, Stephanie McClure, John Swinton, and Kay Anderson
Regrets: Caralyn Zehnder

Discussion Item
The committee was asked to provide feedback to the Provost on whether or not students whose Area F courses overlap with core options could use the Area F course in the core, thus freeing up space in Area F for an elective. After discussion, the committee recommended that if a major’s Area F includes a course (or courses) that is also approved for Areas A-E, the student should have the option to take that course (or course) as part of Area A-E, and replace that course in Area F with a free elective. Departments should not be allowed to place any restrictions on the course that would satisfy the free elective. The committee expressed the belief that, consistent with our public liberal arts mission, students should be offered as many educational choices as possible within the restrictions we face from various accrediting bodies and the University System Board of Regents.

Next year, the committee also needs to make a recommendation through CAPC regarding the current distribution requirement for global overlay courses. Our current policy is that students must complete two global overlays as part of the core, but transfer students who arrive at GC core complete from other system schools will only have one global overlay completed as part of their core coursework. The committee’s initial suggestion is that we change the wording to require three overlays without stipulating that two must be completed in the core. As part of this effort, next year a great deal of attention needs to be focused on encouraging majors to put forth at least one required course from their Area F/Major requirements for the Global Overlay.

Action Item
GC2Y 2000 Politics, Comics, and the Graphic Novel as an Area B2 Section
Upon review, the committee recommended that an analytical portion be included in the Writing Overlay outcomes, and that the section description be shortened. This proposal will be returned to the submitter for revision.

GEOG 1112 & L, GEOG 1113 & L, and GEOG 2100 for Area D for Non-Science Majors (Resubmission from Last Year)
Concerns were expressed regarding whether the Area D proposals met each of the outcomes for Area D courses, particularly regarding scientific inquiry. Upon a vote, this proposal was not approved by a vote of 0-9-0.

The committee was unable to address GEOG 1101 Introduction to Human Geography for the Global Overlay or GC2Y 2000 Global Connections before the meeting adjourned. Comments received by email on these submissions will be sent to the submitter, and these two courses will be reviewed next year.

Next Meeting
The committee will reconvene under its new name and charge in the Fall semester.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 a.m.

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