University Curriculum Committee Minutes 8/12/2010

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Subcommittee on the Core Curriculum
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Present: Sunita Manian, Ryan Brown, Alex Blazer, Stephanie McClure, Barbara Funke, Barbara Roquemore, Deborah Vess, Roxanne Farrar, Cara Meade, Ken Farr



I)                    Discussion of committee chair

a.       Sunita was elected as chair of this committee for the ensuing year.



II)                  Discussion of meeting days/times

a.       Wednesday at 12:30 seems to be the time that will work for the majority of the committee.

b.       Sunita will check with Dr. Jordan to see what we do in the event that any one committee member can not meet at the time that works for the rest of the committee. Send a representative?

c.       Meetings will generally be an hour long.

d.       Next meeting will be right before the next faculty forum. Our meeting will be at 11:30 in or around the University Banquet Room and we will meet until the forum begins. Please note this is a change from the regularly decided upon meeting time of 12:30.



III)                Discussion regarding charge #1 – How will we develop a proposal/process for identifying courses already in existence that will be moved from current core to new core? Discussion extended to all course possibilities.


a.       There are several ‘categories’ of courses to be considered:

                                                     i.      Courses that fit ‘as is’ and will make a generally easy slide from current core to new core.

                                                   ii.      Courses that are currently in the core but will need minor revisions (or significant revisions) to remain in core if they are desired to transition to the new core.

                                                  iii.      Courses not in current core but are in existence (‘on the books’) but departments desire to propose them to be in the new core.

                                                 iv.      Courses that currently exist (in or out of core) that want an overly tag.  (this discussion will be tabled until later date)

                                                   v.      Courses that are new altogether.


b.       Deborah and Barbara R. will work with current core courses to see what fits ‘as is’ and will transition with little work to the new core. They will formulate a list for each area to submit to this committee. Sunita will submit the lists to chairs for their approval.


IV)                Beginning discussion regarding the logistics of how faculty will submit new courses.

a.       Questions:

                                                     i.      Should they go through C&I first?

                                                   ii.      Should they come to UCC first?

                                                  iii.      Should the ‘proposal’ include a brief narrative?

                                                 iv.      Will we need a more extensive rubric than is required in the C&I process?

                                                   v.      Should we adopt the current C&I process but with more requirements and have courses come through UCC first and then to C&I, thus not making extra work as they try to negotiate both committees?


b.       We decided that under Proposed Routing Course Request for 2010-2011, #1  should read, “Course is developed by faculty member and submitted by their department to UCC for review and feedback.” The underline statement adds the requirement that the department should support (i.e. approve) any new courses being submitted to the UCC.

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