University Curriculum Committee Minutes 9/15/10

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Subcommittee on the Core Curriculum
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UCC Minutes 9/15/10


Present: Ken Farr, Roxanne Farrar, Steve Elliott-Gower, Cara Meade, Alex Blazer, Stephanie McClure, Caralyn Zehnder


Minutes approved for 9/8 meeting with minor corrections.


I)         We need to revisit Deb’s list that she has generated (see 9/1 email) for which courses meet which overlays.  We need to assess the courses with the overlays checklists that Ken sent out while we are already assessing the specific courses for inclusion (move over) in to the new core.


II)        Discussion of whether a 1-hour lab could fulfill all of the requirements of an overlay. For example, could a science lab successfully meet the US overlay objectives? As lab and lecture meet outcomes together, lab cannot independently meet overlay outcome.


III)       Discussion of routing for new courses proposed to the core. Committee unanimously voted that the following will be the process for submitting new courses to the core:

Course will get (1) department approval, (2) college Curriculum and Instruction committee, and finally (3) the University Curriculum Committee (UCC).


IV)       UPS should be updated today. Today is the deadline.  Committee member pairs can now begin the process of evaluating the courses already in the ‘old’ core for moving over to the new core.  Please evaluate them using the Area Approval Form and Overlay Approval Form.  Please have these done by next week.  Please bring hard copies next week so we can pass these (each area) through the whole committee and then on to Dr. Jordan.


V)        How will we address evaluating new courses proposed for the new core? Rubrics have been drafted for the UCC committee to use to determine if the course outcomes meet the core area outcomes. Committee will draft a packet of instructions, routing, rubric, and proposal for faculty who will soon begin the work of preparing new courses to submit for consideration.


VI)       Critical overlay plan. We need to find out how much we need to evaluate the core for the critical thinking objectives. Are we to evaluate courses for the critical thinking objectives (other than B)?

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