University Senate Minutes 11 Aug 2010


Dean Baker

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010
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A&S Room 272

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Present: Susan Allen, Kirk Armstrong, Stephen, Auerbach, Alberto Avita, Dean Baker, Andrei Barkovskii, Beauty Bragg, Ryan Brown, Sara Buck Doude, Bevan Brugamy, Dianne Chamblee, Jan Clark-Hoffman, Lee Digiovanni, Tanya Goette Jennifer Graham, Dianne Gregg, Liz Havey, Donna Ingram, Sandra Jordan, Lucy Kachmarik, Evan Karanovich, Karynne Kleine, Dorothy Leland, Sunita Manian, Judith Malchowski, Ken McGill, Shaina McGill, Macon McGinley, Fadhili, Mshana, Zach Mullins, Lyndall Muschell, Amy Pinney, Barbara Roquemore, Mike Rose, Chris Skelton, John Swinton, Craig Turner, Edward Whatley, Catherine Whelan, Mike Whitfield, Howard Woodard, Christine Zuger

Regrets: Jen Flory, Lee Gillis,Deborah Vess, Jen Maraziti

Absent: Sandra Gangstead, , Bruce Harshbarger, William Risch, Pete Shields, Charles Ubah

Guests: Karen Bendersky, Claire Cantrell, Julia Metzker, Joe Windish


1.  Ken McGill, Presiding officer of the 2010-2011 University Senate, called the meeting to order at 1:40 pm.


2. Approval of agenda: Ken Mcgill made a motion to move the Core outcomes to first item of order.

SENATE ACTION on Agenda Change: Approved

3.  Approval of Minutes, April 19, 2010

SENATE ACTION: Motion approved as amended.

4.  President Leland gave the President’s Report


5.  Committee Reports were given in the following order:


*Curriculum and Assessment Policy Committee (CAPC) - Barbara Roquemore/Ryan Brown (see attachment)

            GCSU Senate Motion 1011.CAPC.001.C
   *Motion Text: To endorse for submission to the BOR the proposed student learning outcomes for the new USG core framework, as stated in the supporting document “Application for Approval of General Education Learning outcomes.” These outcomes will supersede the outcomes for the core curriculum previously endorsed in the Motion number 0809.CAPC.011.R Subject: Proposed outcomes for the GCSU Core Curriculum.


*   Student Affairs Policy Committee (SAPC) - Macon McGinley

*   Student Government Association (SGA) - Zach Mullins

reported on SGA projects-Recycling bins on campus, Green street crosswalks, facilities den renovations, Wellness Center and student viewpoints, Downtown, Greek letters on the Greek houses around Milledgeville, and Mascot management-Thunder. SGA will host fall SAC (Student Advisory Council – USG student advisory group to BoR through the Chancellor) conference November 5th and 6th. Plans are in place for a digital voting system, banner for the Centennial Center, Web Cam on front campus, signs for Welcome to Milledgeville, a 2011 celebration of the 75th GCSU Student Government Association (SGA), and constitution Day-election registration campaign.


 *   Executive Committee (ECUS) - Ken McGill briefly demonstrated the new University Senate Website and stated the new site will be running parallel with emails. Ken announced the url for the senate website


*   Subcommittee on Nominations (SCoN)-Christine Zuger announced Sandra Jordan, Chief Academic Officer and ex officio non-voting member for the 2010-2011 University Senate and  has named the Chief Academic Officer designees to APC (Kay Anderson), CAPC (Cara Meade), FAPC (Sandra Jordan) . Also announced were the following Chief Officer designees for the 2010-2011 academic year: Bruce Harshbarger named himself as Chief Student Affairs Officer designee to SAPC and Pete Shields named himself as Chief Business Officer designee to RPIPC. In addition, Staff Council has replaced Clyde Boone with Erin Warnock as the Staff Council appointee to RPIPC.

GCSU Senate Motion

 * Motion Text: Replace Joe Devitis with Lucy Kachmarik on APC for 2010-2011 year



 * Informational Item/ Core proposal: Provost Jordan discussed the core curriculum revisions. Dr. Jordan encouraged senators to keep their constituencies informed on core curriculum revision and encourage attendance of at least one of the scheduled core curriculum fora. Ken McGill distributed a core curriculum revision timeline as an information item. Provost Jordan shared that GCSU is one of only two institutions in the USG that is bringing the core curriculum revisions through university governance, the other being North Georgia College & State University.

 * Informational Item/ University Curriculum Committee (UCC)/Task Force: ECUS will discuss and possibly propose for consideration by the University Senate a bylaws change, during 2010-2011 for the University Curriculum Committee to become a subcommittee of CAPC.


  * Informational/Discussion Item: The current process for electing the Presiding Officer of the University Senate was discussed. Karynne Kleine alerted attendees to the conversation questions to identity some of the issues regarding the selection of officers of the University Senate.

·         Should the incoming University Senate Select (elect) its Presiding Officer (still require elected faculty senator as eligibility)?

·         Should there be some form of campaigning (statement on desire to serve (in writing and/or at an organizational meeting) for officer candidate?

·         Should the timeline for selection/election of elected faculty senators be compressed to permit time for US officer selection process?

·         Should University Senate officer selection occur prior to the organizational meeting at which the slate of committees is considered?

·         How might inclusion and accessibility for service on the University Senate (particularly as leaders) be promoted?

Points of discussion: extend the senators term, keep the process as it is now and deal with the issue of not having a presiding officer if it arises, limit the eligibility to serve as presiding officer elect to elected faculty senators in the first and second year of their terms of service, add an election process (allows subcommittee of nominations to bring a slate of candidates for vote and the bylaws allows for nominations from the floor). Consider attempting to have a process where the officers are named before the slate of nominees is prepared.


    *   Resources, Planning, and Institutional Policy Committee (RPIPC) - Catherine Whelan no report


    *   Faculty Affairs Policy Committee (FAPC)- Craig Turner-chair  (see attachment)

    *   Academic Policy Committee (APC) - Amy Pinney reported that consideration of incorporating a plus/minus grading policy will be on APC’s 2010-2011 agenda.

 5.  New Business

 Provost Jordan shared the process on how the UCC (University Core Curriculum) task force was structured and selected. Two Senators, two non-voting ex officio (CAPC Chair and CETL representative), representatives from areas A-E, and representatives from the professional colleges were named to the UCC task force. The 2010-2011 task force members are Stephanie McClure (Area E), Ken Farr (CoB), Barbara Funke (CoHS), Cara Meade (CoE), Barbara Roquemore (non-voting ex officio CAPC Chair), Sunita Manian (Area B), Deborah Vess (non-voting ex officio CETL), Ryan Brown (Area D, University Senator), Alex Blazer (Area A), Roxanne Farrar (Area C).

6.  Adjournment 2:50 p.m.

Upcoming on the University Senate Calendar
Wed, Aug 11 3:30-5:00 pm Forum on Core proposal West Campus Center
Wed, Aug 18 12:30-2:00 pm Forum on Core proposal University Banquet Room
Fri, Aug 27 2:00-3:30 pm Forum on Core proposal University Banquet Room
Mon, Aug 30 12:30-1:45 pm Standing Committee Officer Orientation Herty 304
Fri, Sept 3 12:30-1:45 pm Standing Committee (APC, CAPC, FAPC, SAPC, RPIPC) Meetings
Sun, Sept 12 Deadline for submission by committees of motions for consideration at the Sept 27 University Senate Meeting
Mon, Sept 27 12:30-1:45 University Senate Meeting Arts & Sciences 2-72

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