University Senate Minutes 18 Apr 2011


Deborah MacMillan

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Meeting Date: 
Monday, April 18, 2011
Date of Next Meeting: 
Friday, April 22, 2011 - 12:30pm
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Calendar-Ken McGill provided clarification about the upcoming meetings.

April 22nd 2011-2012 University Senate Organizational Meeting 

April 29th University Senate Standing Committees Organizational Meetings  

  1. August 10th Governance Retreat
Minutes Text: 

Members Present: Susan Allen, Kirk Armstrong, Stephen Auerbach, Dean Baker, Andrei Barkovskii, Beauty Bragg, Ryan Brown, Bevan Burgamy, Dianne Chamblee, Jan Clark, Lee Digiovanni, Sandra Gangstead, Lee Gillis, Tanya Goette, Diane Gregg, Liz Havey, Donna Ingram, Sandra Jordan, Lucy Kachmarik, Evan Karanovich, Karynne Kleine, Dorothy Leland, Judith Malachowski, Jen Maraziti, Ken McGill, Shaina McGill, Macon McGinley, Rebecca McMullen, Fadhili Mshana, Lyndall Muschell, Amy Pinney, William Risch, Barbara Roquemore, John Swinton, Craig Turner, Charles Ubah, Catherine Whelan, Howard Woodard, Christine Zuger.

Regrets: Jennifer Flory, Mary Magoulick, Zach Mullins, Chris Skelton, Deborah Vess.

Absent: Myron Alberto Avila, Sara Buck- Doude, Jennifer Graham, Mike Rose, Edward Whatley, Mike Whitfield.

Guests: Mike Augustine, Caroline Clements Deborah MacMillan, Susan Steele, Leslie Moore, Matt Rogers, Paul Jahr, Bruce Harshbarger, Holley Roberts.

Call to Order

  1. Ken McGill-CALLED TO ORDER 12:25

President's Report 

  1. President Leland acknowledged Ken McGill’s leadership in the senate. She announced the budget is through the GA General Assembly. There will be a 9% cut in the budget which was expected. There will be no new formula dollars. The BOR meets tomorrow and USG will get the official word on the budget. Student tuition will be addressed by the BOR. The HOPE scholarship will be indexed to credit hour load. Georgia College will be sending letters to students and their parents concerning the new computation of HOPE. The Ennis building renovation will be funded for one- half. Johnny Grant was praised for his role in getting this funding through Senate. The Chancellor finalist will soon be announced.

Dr. Jordan answered a question about how the required hours for the HOPE scholarship will affect Georgia College. The new HOPE scholarship will charge students who take between 7-14 credit hours as if they are taking 15 hours. The provost stated she has met with the department chairs in order to create four year plans for all degrees. Dr. Jordan also announced there is a new tool for predictability, Degree Works, to assist the students in finding classes.

Committee Reports 

  1. ECUS-Ken McGill reported for ECUS. Ken projected the new bylaws changes on the overhead screen for all present to read.

Motion Text: Add the attached document to the bylaws in Article IV after section 5. 

  1. Academic Policy Committee (APC)-Amy Pinney reported for APC

APC’s organizational meeting will take place on April 29th . The committee will meet downtown in the new campus theatre.

  1. Curriculum and Assessment Policy Committee (CAPC)-Barbara Roquemore reported for CAPC. She reported there are two informational items. 1. The CoHS curriculum committee presented two courses HSCS 2023 and HSCS 2813. These courses are to be used for students receving majors/minors in the CoHS. The students may take the biology sequence or the Health Science Sequence but cannot mix or match. The Provost announced the CORE has been approved. CAPC will be meeting in A&S 216 for the organizational meeting.
  2. Resources, Planning, and Institutional Policy Committee (RPIPC)-Catherine Whelan reported that RPIPC will be meeting in Atkinson 202. The President and Provost attended the last RPIPC meeting. Catherine announced the shared leave policy is still under revision and will probably be on the fall agenda. RPIPC has reviewed the strategic directions of the university and the mission and vision statement. RPIPC has requested that the mission statement be rewritten due to wordiness of the document. There is an updated version of the mission and vision posted with RPIPC minutes. RPIPC also discussed the potential Changes to faculty email. It was determined that an external hosting is perhaps better than an internal hosting. Live at edu was actually the preferred host. Catherine thanked all committee members on RPIPC. The Provost added that one of the primary reasons that the email service is being moved is that there is almost no more storage space on the current email system.
  3. Student Affairs Policy Committee (SAPC)-Macon McGinley reported for SAPC. The annual report has been finished. Macon anticipated that the Bobcat vision guideline, student retention, and sexual harrassment and assault will be topics for SAPC during the 2011-2012 year. The organizational meeting will be held in the Bobcat dining hall.
    • Student Government Association (SGA)-Evan Karonovich introduced himself as the new SGA president and gave the SGA report. The HOPE scholarship fora were very successful and many students attended these fora. Cathy Crawley and Senator Grant were both praised for their contributions. The power point is available on the SGA website. SGA is wrapping up a proposed budget. SGA is waiting on the BOR ruling on the tuition increase. Final exams are coming up and the Student Activity Center (SAC) will be open until 2 am during the week of finals. SAC will be open an hour after the library closes.
  4. Faculty Affairs Policy Committee-Craig Turner provided the FAPC report. See attached.


As there was no further senate business, a motion to adjourn was made, seconded, and approved. The meeting was adjourned at 1:35 PM.

Action Items: 
Tentative Agenda: