University Senate Minutes 28 Feb 2011


Dean Baker

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Meeting Date: 
Monday, February 28, 2011
Date of Next Meeting: 
Monday, March 28, 2011 - 12:30pm
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A&S 2-72

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Present: Susan Allen, Kirk Armstrong, Dean Baker, Beauty Bragg, Ryan Brown, Dianne Chamblee, Lee Digiovanni, Jennifer Flory, Sandra Gangstead, Lee Gillis, Tanya Goette, Jennifer Graham, Diane Gregg, Liz Havey, Lucy Kachmarik, Mary Magoulick, Jen Maraziti, Ken McGill, Shaina, McGill, Macon McGinley, Zachary Mullins, Lyndall Muschell, Amy Pinney, Barbara Roquemore, Mike Rose, Chris Skelton, John Swinton, Craig Turner, Charles Ubah, Deborah Vess, Edward Whatley, Catherine Whelan, Howard Woodard, Christine Zuger.


Regrets; Andrei Barkovskii, Sara Buck-Doude, Bevan Burgamy, Jan Clark, Donna Ingram, 

Sandra Jordan, Karynne Kleine, Evan Karanovich, Dorothy Leland, Judith Malachowski, Fadhili Mshana.


Absent: Myron Alberto-Avilo, Rebecca McMullen, William Risch, Mike Whitfield.


Guests: Martha Colvin, Ken Farr, Lisa Griffin, Paul Jahr, Tom Ormond, Matthew Rogers.



  1. Ken McGill, Presiding Officer of the 2010-2011 University Senate called the meeting to order at 12:30 pm.
  2. Approve February 28th Agenda-SENATE ACTION APPROVED
  3. Approval of January 31st Minutes-SENATE ACTION APPROVED

Provost's Report 

Tom Ormond provided the Provost’s report.

Issue #1

Georgia College contingent consisting of President Leland, Provost Jordan, Dean Liao-Troth, and Ms. Angie Gheesling (Executive Director of the Milledgeville/Baldwin County Development Authority) arrived without any problems in Delhi after 21 hours of travel. Academic Affairs is attempting to solidify 4 MOU’s (Memoranda of Understanding) with partner institutions in India, specifically targeting graduate programs. The President and Ms. Gheesling are looking to encourage corporate partnerships in India. Yesterday began with a trip to Amity University to formally sign a MOU. However, further negotiations were in the wings to modify the MOU and the Associate Provost is not sure how or if that was resolved. The party was then scheduled to visit a new undergraduate university in the suburbs of Delhi to determine potential connections, specifically with respect to GC graduate programs.

Issue #2

Digital Measures, an electronic mechanism to warehouse faculty information, has been rolled out to Department Chairs in two recent workshops. In turn, Chairs will share with faculty for comment and feedback.

Issue #3:

A report was provided on an update on student email address saga from Ed Boyd.


Student email service crashed early Friday morning, February 25, 2011, and WER has been frantically working to correct the issue but the going has been tough.


Last November WER began working with the SGA to identify a replacement student email system.  After evaluating the Microsoft Live@Edu and Google Apps systems over the Christmas break, SGA chose the Google Apps option. The Provost and President’s offices approved this choice. After the crash on Friday and the failed attempts to resurrect the old MyCats email system, WER made the decision to move forward with the implementation of the Google Apps student email system. Over the weekend, email accounts were created for all students who had been enrolled since the summer of 2009 and prospective students who have been accepted to GCSU. The total accounts created were 11,782.

As of this Monday morning, February 28, 2011, the new student email accounts are operational and notification of changes in the account name and access has been posted on the MyCats login page. University Communications has been asked to post a message on Twitter and Facebook directing students to go to the MyCats login page to read about the new email availability and access instructions.

The new student email accounts now use a dot in the email name rather than an underscore character, and the address is now instead of the old IT is presently working on an alias process to allow emails sent to an @ecats account to be forwarded to the appropriate @bobcats account.

Because of the “store and forward” capability of email systems, any emails that were sent to an @ecats account since Friday morning have not been delivered by the sending email service. These emails should begin to be delivered once the alias process has been successfully put in place. (Most email systems will store an undeliverable email for up to a week before giving up and notifying the sender that the message cannot be delivered. The sender would then have the option to resend the email, if they felt it was important enough to do so.)

It is important for faculty to understand that many students do not have access to email that was sent to them prior to Friday because those messages are stored in the crashed email system.

If there were important communications from the faculty to students within the last two weeks, faculty should make a special effort to work with their students and resend the email communications to the student’s new email account. The new email account would be in the format of whereas the old format was . Please remember the email address format has changed.

WER will be working to recover the old email data. It is projected that the process could take more than a week to complete, if even possible. Students will be notified periodically of the status, and hopefully the success of the endeavor.



Committee Reports

  1. Curriculum and Assessment Policy Committee (CAPC)-Barbara Roquemore reported for CAPC

Motion Text: To deactivate the Exercise Science concentration of BS in Health Education, contingent on BOR approval of the BS in Exercise Science. 


Motion Text: To approve the renaming of BS in Health Education to BS in Public Health and modifications contingent on the BOR approval of the BS degree with major in Exercise Science. The proposal from the College of Health Sciences is to rename the program “BS in Health Education: Community Health and Human Services” to “BS in Public Health.” Additionally, two courses KINS 2313 and KINS 3333 were revised with name changes, biostatistics applications were added to KINS 4813, and two new courses “Introduction to Environmental Health” and “Public Health Administration” were developed to meet missing components of public health knowledge. 


Motion Text: Proposed motion is a request to move the current concentration in exercise science, offered under the BS Degree in Health Education, to a stand alone major: The Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science. This will enable the Department of Kinesiology to seek external program accreditation through the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP). The exercise science program continues to experience growth and has been successful in the placement of graduate students in physical therapy programs and, on occasion, medical school. The change to a standalone program will enhance the recruitment efforts, continue to assist graduates in graduate/professional school placements and strengthen the reputation of the program. 

o   Information item-The University Curriculum Committee (UCC) has approved area B courses and all meeting attendees were reminded there was a web site for faculty to view.  

  1. Student Affairs Policy Committee (SAPC)-Macon McGinley reported for SAPC and provided the information item that faculty cannot drop students from a course. SAPC does not have an agenda this month and will not be meeting.

Student Governance Association (SGA) report-Zach Mullins-provided the SGA report.  

  • SABC Spring Allocations

o   Publish the Call for Applications in the Colonnade February 25, March 4 and March 11 issues

o   Send out emails to current organizations getting funds week of February 28

o   Deadline for proposals being before Spring Break:  March 18 at 5pm

o   Hearings the first two weeks of April

o   All proposals will be submitted electronically via

  • SABC Changes

o   Changes for a waiting period on percentage changes, tailgate power panel, food and drink use, and new formula funding was all approved.

  • Bell Tower
  • Student Email
  • Student announce and Student sale revisions
  • Congratulations to New Officers starting May 15, 2011
    • Please help get the word of the changes out and direct feedback to SGA
    • In the final stages if putting in portals in myCATS for these feeds
    • Hope to have the emails reduced to weekly
    • President - Evan Karanovich
    • Vice President - Ross Sheppard
    • Secretary - Caroline Clements
    • Treasurer - Sean Espinosa


  1. Executive Committee of University Senate (ECUS)-Ken McGill provided the ECUS report. The bylaws survey has been completed and encouraged senators to participate in the survey if they have not done so yet.  The bylaws drafting committee has been meeting regularly and any bylaw changes will be ready for senate vote by the last university senate meeting.


    • Website Report-Matt Rogers-provided the website report. There were some issues with the ipad and iphone last month. The new website is working with ipad and iphone. Matt  reminded all meeting attendees to enable pop ups for the online motion database. Matt  also reported there is a glitch in the committee member links and WER is working diligently to remedy the glitch.


  1. Academic Policy Committee (APC)-Amy Pinney reported for APC. -plus/minus is tabled until the comittee receives guidance from the BOR. Will have a meeting to discuss the student drop procedures.


  1. Resources, Planning, and Institutional Policy Committee (RIPIPC)-Catherine Whelan reported for RPIPC and the committee will begin discussions at the next meeting regarding the shared leave policy.


  1. Faculty Affairs Policy Committee (FAPC)-Craig Turner reported for FAPC (see attached report).




New Business

  1. Bylaws Survey-Ken McGill reported on the bylaws survey. There was suggestion to bullet all the information.
  2. Retreat Survey-Dean Baker passed out and collected the retreat surveys.

As there was no further senate business, a motion to adjourn was made, seconded, and approved.  The meeting was adjourned at 1:05 PM


    • Senate March 28th
    • ECUS March 4th and18th
    • SCC March 11th
Action Items: 
Tentative Agenda: