University Senate Minutes 28 Mar 2011


Dean Baker

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Monday, March 28, 2011
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Monday, April 18, 2011 - 12:20pm
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A&S 270

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University Senate Meeting Minutes

March 28, 2011 12:30 PM

Location: A&S 2-72


Present: Susan Allen, Kirk Armstrong, Stephen Auerbach, Dean Baker, Andrei Barkovskii, Beauty Bragg, Ryan Brown, Sara Doude, Bevan Burgamy, Dianne Chamblee, Jan Clark, Lee Gillis, Tanya Goette, Jennifer Graham, Diane Gregg, Donna Ingram, Sandra Jordan, Lucy Kachmarik, Evan Karanovich, Karynne Kleine, Mary Magoulick, Judith Malachowski, Jen Maraziti, Ken McGill, Shaina McGill, Fadhili Mshana, Zach Mullins, Lyndall Muschell, Amy Pinney, William Risch, Barbara Roquemore, Mike Rose, Chris Skelton, John Swinton, Craig Turner, Charles Ubah, Edward Whatley, Catherine Whelan, Howard Woodard, Christine Zuger.


Regrets: Myron Alberto Avila, Lee Digiovanni, Jennifer Flory, Liz Havey, President Leland, Deborah Vess.


Absent: Sandra Gangstead, Macon McGinley, Rebecca McMullen, Mike Whitfield.


Guest: Matt Rogers.


Call to Order

  1. Ken McGill, presiding officer, called the meeting to order at 12:30 PM
  2. Approval of Agenda -APPROVED
  3. Approval of Minutes-APPROVED

President's Report

  1. Provost Jordan delivered the President’s Report. Dr. Jordan reported that the Georgia College team, who visited India earlier in the month, returned with four MOUs (memoranda of understanding). The president met with over 30 different companies-developing a whole series of proposals to go to the Federal Government for grant money that has been earmarked for such ventures.

Committee Reports

  1. Academic Policy Committee (APC)-Amy Pinney reported for APC.
    • 1011.APC.002.P - Class Attendance Policy Revision-SENATE ACTION-APPROVED
    • Motion Text-remove the  words “drop a student from the course and " from the Class Attendance Policy.
    • DR. Jordan added a point of clarity concerning the Class Attendance Policy . If a faculty member feels threatened by a student, the faculty member can excuse the student from class.  The student then must go through due process.


  1. Executive Committee of University Senate (ECUS)-Ken McGill reported for ECUS.


    • 1011.EC.003.B - Bylaws Change-Ken McGill presented the proposed bylaws revisions that propose a mechanism for calling meetings of standing committees outside the academic year. Ken noted that proposed revisions to the University Senate Bylaws that are proposed content changes are considered over two meetings noting that the vote on these proposed revisions is postponed to the 18 Apr 2011 meeting to permit each University Senators to review the proposed modifications in consultation with her/his constituency.  Dr. McGill requested that any comments and/or suggestions on these proposed revisions be sent to an ECUS member.
    • Core Updates-Dr. Jordan provided the core update report. Dr. Jordan has received letters from the Board of Regents committee and the university has until April 1st to respond. The Board of Regents committee requested some clarifications in area D.
    • Website Report-Matthew Rogers delivered the website report and reported that the web designer is still working diligently on the new web site.
    • University System of Georgia Faculty Council (USGFC)-Jan Clark provided the USGFC report. The USGFC most recently met Friday February 25th.. Dr. Clark reminded the University Senate that the USGFC is an advocacy group for USG faculty with the ability to make recommendations directly to the USG Chancellor or her/his designee and was officially recognized in May 2010 as a Regents Advisory Committee. She deferred a report of the details of the 25 Feb 2011 USGFC meeting to the next meeting of the University Senate.
    • Announcement from ECUS-Ken McGill requested that each outgoing senator invite her/his successor to the last senate meeting of the 2010-2011 University Senate which is scheduled for April 18, 2011.


  1. Curriculum and Assessment Policy Committee (CAPC)-Barbara Roquemore provided the CAPC report. There were two informational items presented. Item one presented by CAPC is a revision to the BS in Outdoor Education which is moving to a two tiered application process. By becoming a two tiered application process this moves the application process up and makes it easier for transfer students to apply to the program. The BS in Outdoor Education also added three new targeted courses and a senior capstone course. Item two is a name change from Masters of Education in Curriculum Instruction to a Masters of Education in Secondary education. Barbara also provided a University Curriculum Committee (UCC) update. There was a question about the low number of courses in area B2. Barbara explained the focus was to have the B1 courses set, as incoming freshman will need these classes first. There will soon be a call to the campus for B2 courses.


  1. Resources, Planning, and Institutional Policy Committee (RPIPC)-Catherine Whelan reported for RPIPC. The committee had one informational item which is the shared leave policy. Director of Human Resources, Diane Kirkwood, has visited the committee to inform the committee about the shared leave policy. The committee has decided to inform staff and faculty about the policy. There will be campus-wide fora in order to inform staff and faculty about the policy. Catherine reported the committee will be meeting this Friday, April 1, 2011. Dr. Leland and Dr. Jordan will be at the meeting to discuss the selection of the candidates under consideration as an outsourced employee email system.


  1. Student Affairs Policy Committee (SAPC) - Jennifer Graham reported for SAPC. She reported the committee did not meet this month; however, two informational items were provided. One is that revisions to the Bobcat policy are being conducted and the committee is diligently working on its annual report.
  2. Student Governance Association (SGA) report-Zach Mullins provided the SGA report.

Student Activities Budget Committee (SABC) Spring Allocations

o    We have received 48 applicants totaling over $380,000 in requests

o    Hearings have been set for next week and the budget will be finalized pending the BOR decision on fee increases

SABC Changes

o    Recent formula funding changes, food and drink regulations, and a "waiting period" for budget changes is now in effect

Bell Tower

o    Currently just over 20% funded, and there are still numerous activities

o    Learn more at

Student_announce and Student_sale revisions

o    myCATS now has two live feeds that feature this information instead of a daily email.  The database is searchable.

o    Students have begun to receive the "GC Highlights" which will provide for a more unified and cohesive internal communication tool centralizing information for students, faculty and staff.

HOPE Informational Forum

o    SGA has partnered with the Office of Financial Aid to bring a HOPE Informational forum on April 5th at 6:30 in the A&S Auditorium

Library and SAC Study Space

o    An ad-hoc committee conducted a survey that indicated nearly 75% of the student body wanted additional study space during the week of finals so we will be working with the department of Campus Life to open the Student Activities Center as a study space finals week.

New Officers are set to take office May 15, 2011

o    President - Evan Karanovich

o    Vice President - Ross Sheppard

o    Secretary - Caroline Clements

o    Treasurer - Sean Espinosa

o    Attorney General - Andrew Whittaker

o    Chief of Staff - Brad Berg


  1. Faculty Affairs Policy Committee (FAPC)-Craig Turner provided the FACP report (see attached report).

New Business

  1. Elections-Dean Baker provided the at-large election report. She reported the Web-enabled Resources is again assisting with the at-large election ballot this year and the election is set to open this afternoon.
  2. Subcommittee on Nominations (SCoN)-Christine Zuger provided the SCoN report. The committee is still seeking faculty volunteers to serve on the committees. Please let all constituents know that faculty volunteers are needed to serve on senate committees.


As there was no further senate business, a motion to adjourn was made, seconded, and approved.  The meeting was adjourned at 1:30 PM.



  1. Senate-April 18th
  2. Senate Organizational Meeting-April 22nd
  3. Senate Committees-April 1st
  4. ECUS-April 1st and 15th
  5. ECUS/SCC-April 8th
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