University Senate Minutes 28 Oct 2011


Deborah MacMillan

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Friday, October 28, 2011
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Friday, November 18, 2011 - 3:30pm
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Arts & Science 2-72

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University Senate Meeting Minutes

October 28, 2011

Location: Arts & Sciences 2-72


Present: Kirk Armstrong, Stephen Auerbach, Mike Augustine, Andrei Barkovskii, Ryan Brown, Scott Butler, Dianne Chamblee, Jan Clark, Martha Colvin, Carrie Cook, David de Posada, Toi Franks, Diane Gregg, Evan Karanovich, Josh Kitchens, Deborah MacMillan, Judith Malachowski, Jen Maraziti, Bran Marshall, Ken McGill, Cara Meade, Leslie Moore, Lyndall Muschell, Maxwell Pichan, Amy Pinney, Stas Preczewski, Stephen Price, Jason Rich, Holley Roberts, Mike Rose, Doreen Sams, Chris Skelton, Susan Steele, John Swinton, Craig Turner and Edward Whatley.

Regrets: Dean Baker, Beauty Bragg, Jennifer Flory, Liz Havey, Sandra Jordan, Mary Magoulick, and Catherine Whelan. 

Absent: Susan Allen, Carol Bader, Will Hobbs, Greg Mahan, Rebecca McMullen, Fadhili Mshana, and Mike Whitfield. 

Guests: Tom Ormond, Matt Rogers, and Elaine Whitaker.


Call to Order

Jan Clark - CALLED TO ORDER @ 3:30

A motion to approve the agenda as circulated was made, seconded and approved.

A motion to approve the minutes as circulated was made and seconded, and approved.


Presidential Search Committee: Dr. Ken McGill, Chair

Ken McGill reported that the Presidential Search web site is up at this time. Faculty are encouraged to submit potential questions that they would like to have considered for inclusion during the airport interviews of the candidates. The advertisements for the position are posted at the website. The previous survey participation was excellent, and faculty who would like to see the results should contact Dr. McGill as he will be happy to share those survey results.


President’s Report: Dr. Stas Preczewski, Interim President

  • Dr. Preczewski reported that he had received excellent detailed information from the Deans and Department Chairs that was required to complete the budget related to the current needs for repairs. He reported that the twenty-one positions that were on soft funding have now been made permanent. Additionally there are 14 new positions that have been created with stimulus funding. The first priority was that all budget items were approved that were deemed as safety oriented and related to public safety manpower (i.e., coverage for the new wellness center). Next in order of priority were items deemed as “necessary but not life threatening” (painting, electrical, and plumbing etc). These types of items may be handled by getting bids from local contractors. The request for new lines will be handled in the normal manner in December. It is anticipated that there also may be some money left over for professional development, research, etc.
  • Chancellor Hank Huckaby visited Georgia College yesterday as part of his tour of the state’s 35 public universities and colleges. We spent the afternoon touring the campus, including historic buildings in need of renovation. GC is seeking $10.6 million in state bonds to renovate Ennis Hall for instructional use, and an additional $30-$35 million to renovate the Old Courthouse, Terrell Hall, Mayfair Hall and Beeson Hall in the near future. The four buildings are structurally sound and renovation would add significant space to the academic core of the campus. We concluded the tour with a visit to the Health Sciences building, which underwent a successful renovation and reopened in fall 2009. We have a complete and total commitment for renovation of Ennis from the Chancellor. It is planned that we will start construction on July 1. While the Chancellor supports funding the proposed renovations of the Courthouse, Beason, Terrell, and Mayfair, this construction is also contingent on the funding request receiving the approval of the state legislature and Governor Deal.
  • During the afternoon the Chancellor met with the President’s Executive Cabinet, faculty leaders, student leaders representing the Student Government Association, Student Ambassadors, the GIVE Center and other student organizations. One specific comment by Chancellor Huckaby was, “It is remarkable what is being accomplished here under the conditions.”
  • Dr. Preczewski also reported that two staff members met with the Chancellor alone to discuss their concern for long-time employees who are essentially working at poverty level. Staff members indicated that a barter system is in use among staff to help each other with essential home maintenance (plumbing, electrical, heating/cooling, etc.) that they can’t afford at current market costs after years of no raises in the face of rising health care and other costs. The Chancellor took pages of notes and reported that this is the kind of information that he needs to make decisions.
  • Chancellor Huckaby also toured the Central State Hospital campus. Milledgeville Mayor Richard Bentley, City Planner Mike Couch, President Preczewski, Provost Jordan and Vice President Amy Amason, described to the Chancellor their desire to transform the 160-acre, 169-year-old hospital campus into a health sciences educational center. Georgia College and the City of Milledgeville have submitted a joint proposal to state officials requesting funding to support this transformation.


Provost Report: Associate Provost Tom Ormond reporting for Provost Jordan

  • Dr. Jordan is attending the Council on General Education at Gordon College. Dr. Ormond announced that they are trying to get a one-page Academic Affairs newsletter out. Dr. Jordan disseminated an email about the question regarding academic year faculty contracts (9 month or 10 month?). The President of each university sets the start and end dates for academic year faculty contracts.
  • The final phase of implementation of the Faculty Salary Survey is underway, it is anticipated that letters will be out to affected faculty prior to Thanksgiving.
  • Dr. Ormond reported on GC’s ongoing relationship with Bangalor University (ranked 9th in India) over the last one and one half years. There are approximately 23 institutions in the United States that are attempting to establish relationships with India universities. Important facts to keep in mind are that English is the predominate language in India and median salary is increasing. There are many benefits that our students might experience in going over there. Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) have been signed but now faculty needs to get involved to move this forward. Some specific connections that are being explored involve the College of Education, College of Health Sciences, and the Art Department.
  • The planning process for the comprehensive program review has begun. Jason Huffman met with all the chairs and a number of handouts were provided by him and reviewed.
  • University Assessment Team: Pete Carriere, Julia Metzker, Paul Jahr, Nancy Davis Bray Martha Colvin, Tonya Goette, and Cara Meade. They had first workshop today. Things went very well.
  • A brief survey to inform GC's re-evaluation of the role of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) on our campus will be sent out soon. We are seeking faculty opinions concerning the scope and work of the Center to best serve our institution. Your opinions are important to this process. Please take a moment to complete and return this survey. Review of the information provided will begin on November 15th.


University Senate Committee Reports


Curriculum and Assessment Policy (CAPC) - Ryan Brown (committee chair)


Motion 1112.CAPC.002.P To adopt the curricular review process outlined in the supporting document.  


Ryan Brown presented the motion, and as the motion comes from the committee no second is required. Craig Turner made a proposal for a revision to 1112.CAPC.002.R. To endorse the curricular review processes articulated in the supporting document with the understanding that CAPC is responsible for making future modifications to these processes that promote and maintain efficiency, simplicity, and best practices in institutional curricular review. This motion to amend was presented, seconded and approved. After further discussion, a motion to call the question on the amended motion was made, seconded and approved followed by a vote resulting in the approval of the motion as amended.


The report on the October 7th CAPC meeting is attached.


Apportionment information presented by Dr. Ken McGill. This information is attached to today’s agenda. Apportionment letters for each of the Colleges and Library are now complete.  The apportionment numbers did not change. I have incorporated the necessary changes sent from you, and we now have a valid COI. The volunteers from our last ECUS meeting may now send the letters to their respective Deans. 


Faculty Affairs Policy Committee (FAPC) - Craig Turner (committee chair) 

The report on the October 7th FAPC meeting is attached. 


Resources, Planning and Institutional Policy Committee (RPIPC) - Judith Malachowski (committee chair)

  • RPIPC met on October 7, 2011.  The committee elected Beth McCauley to serve on the Sustainability Committee and Lucy Kachmarik to serve on the SACS Steering Committee.
  • The Committee approved its operating procedures for this year.
  • Under new business, Kyle Cullars and his team presented the mission for auxiliary services and some general practices related to Book Store services. The group discussed ways to facilitate communication among faculty and the Book Store and to support its mission. It was suggested that faculty invite bookstore employees to meet with their Colleges and Departments. It was suggested that SGA could work with Auxiliary Services to develop a textbook payment plan.

Some tentative focuses for our next meeting on November 4

  • Carnegie Community Engagement Gap Report
  • Service Recognition Dates
  • Mr. Harry Battson – University Communication.


Student Affairs Policy Committee (SAPC) - Dianne Chamblee (committee chair)

The report from the October SAPC meeting is attached.


Student Government Association (SGA) update - Evan Karanovich (SGA President)

The report from the October SGA meeting is attached.


Academic Policy Committee (APC) - Amy Pinney (committee chair)

Policy is already in place for sickness excuse according to Alice Loper.

Legally students cannot record our lectures for the protection of our students.


Governance Retreat Planning Work Group (GRPWG) - Doreen Sams (chair)

This report is attached to these minutes.


Unfinished Business: None


New Business:

  • Dr. Stas Preczewski, interim University President, encouraged everyone to fill out the diversity survey. At this point we have a low participation rate. The diversity survey will be followed shortly by a climate type survey. Dr. Stas Preczewski hopes to gain a better insight into the types of issues that GC might be facing (i.e., individual problems or preferences as opposed to systemic issues).
  • Dr. Stas Preczewski also reported that the 2011-2012 State Charitable Contributions Campaign is fast approaching and will begin on Tuesday, November 1st. I ask that you consider providing any amount that will help Georgia College to achieve its target goal. Your consideration is very much appreciated. 


Adjourn: There being no further business, a motion to adjourn was made, seconded, and approved. The meeting adjourned at 4:39pm.



Next meeting of the University Senate: November 18, 3:30-4:45, A&S 2-72.


Submitted by Deborah MacMillan  

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