Motions Database

Number, Title, Author, or Committee Abbreviation
Motion Type Author Source Commiteesort descending Status Last Update
Admissions:New SAT written essay requirement
Policy Recommendation Anonymous AGC Implementation Complete 07/01/2004
Program DeActivation (Ed.S. HPER)
Other Anonymous AGC Implementation Complete 06/20/2006
Leadership Option
Policy Recommendation Anonymous AGC Awaiting Action by Implementor 04/27/2007
Name Change for Honors and Scholars Program DEFER
Other Anonymous AGC Other 08/18/2016
Minimum Transfer Student Admission Requirements
Policy Recommendation Anonymous APC Awaiting Action by Implementor 02/08/2010
Guidelines for supervisor access to faculty members’ courses on the university’s online learning management system
Policy Recommendation APC Implementation Complete 01/27/2021
Endorse the Theme and Goals of the QEP
Resolution Anonymous APC Endorsed by University Senate 11/05/2013
Student Use of Copyrighted Materials: Syllabus Statement
Policy Recommendation APC Implementation Complete 10/20/2020
Required Syllabus Statements Policy Revision
Policy Recommendation APC Implementation in progress 01/08/2024
Resolution Condemning Unsafe Return to Face-to-face Instruction
Resolution APC Not Endorsed by University Senate 11/23/2020