Motions Database

Number, Title, Author, or Committee Abbreviation
Motion Type Authorsort descending Source Commitee Status Last Update
New Program: MAT in Early Childhood Education
Curricular Anonymous CAPC Withdrawn by Source Committee 02/14/2019
Policy Recommendation Anonymous AGC Awaiting Action by Implementor 03/24/2005
Accommodating People with Disabilities & Veterans
Policy Recommendation Anonymous USC Awaiting Action by Implementor 09/23/2016
2004-2005 Committee Membership
Other Anonymous CON Implementation Complete 07/01/2004
New concentration in Economics
Curricular Anonymous CAPC Awaiting Action by Implementor 11/12/2013
Slate of Nominees for 2014-2015 University Senate
Other Anonymous CON Awaiting Action by Implementor 05/08/2014
Renaming of BS in Health Education to BS in Public Health
Curricular Anonymous CAPC Approved, Pending Review by USG/BOR 04/08/2011
Apportionment of Elected Faculty US positions
Bylaws Proposal Anonymous ECUS Implementation Complete 02/07/2009
Student Rights & Responsibilities
Other Anonymous AGC Awaiting Action by Implementor 06/20/2006
New Certificate in Film Proposal
Curricular Anonymous CAPC Implementation Complete 12/21/2016