File Repository

The file repository aggregates all documents uploaded to the University Senate site into one searchable database.

Title Description Document Date Categorysort descending Committee Download Actions
APC agenda - October 5 2018 meeting 10/03/2018 Agendas APC File APC Agenda Oct 5 18.docx Details
ECUS Tasks 2022-2023 09/02/2022 Resource ECUS File ECUS_Tasks_2018-08-07.docx Details
DEIPC Operating Procedures 2023-2024 09/18/2023 Resource DEIPC File 2023-2024_DEIPC-Operating Procedures.docx Details
SAPC Operating Procedures 2022-2023 09/30/2022 Resource SAPC File SAPC Operating Procedures 2022-2023.docx Details
RPIPC Annual Report 2022-2023 08/03/2023 Resource RPIPC File AR_RPIPC_2022-23.docx Details
RPIPC Operating Procedures 2017-2018 09/01/2017 Resource RPIPC File Op_Procs_RPIPC_2017-18.docx
PDF icon Op_Procs_RPIPC_2017-18.pdf
SCoN Annual Report 2022-2023 08/04/2023 Resource ECUS File AR_SCoN_2022-23.docx
PDF icon AR_SCoN_2022-23.pdf
APC Operating Procedures 2017-2018 08/15/2017 Resource APC File Op_Procs_APC_2017-18.docx
PDF icon Op_Procs_APC_2017-18.pdf
SAPC Operating Procedures 2021-2022 09/08/2021 Resource SAPC File SAPC Operating Procedures 2021-2022.docx Details
RPIPC Operating Procedures 2018-2019 09/07/2018 Resource RPIPC File RPIPC 2018-2019 operating procedures.docx Details