Student Affairs Policy Committee Meeting November 4, 2011


Dianne Chamblee

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Friday, November 4, 2011
Date of Next Meeting: 
Friday, December 2, 2011 - 3:30pm
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Health Sciences 215

Student Affairs Policy Committee
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November 4, 2011, 3:30 pm, Health Sciences 213


In Attendance


Dianne Chamblee              Mike Augustine                    Jennifer Graham

Evan Karanovich                  Dee Simms                          Toi Franks

Bruce Harshbarger             Scott Butler                           Caroline Clements

Rebecca McMullen              Maxwell Pichen                    Amy Burt







Ken Farr                                Paul Jahr      



  1. I.               Call to Order (agenda item)


Meeting was called to order by the Chair, Dianne Chamblee, at 3:30


  1. II.              Approval of Agenda (agenda item)

The agenda as was submitted to the committee for approval. The committee unanimously approved the agenda.


  1. III.            Approval of 10/04/11 Minutes (agenda item)


The minutes for the 10/04/2011 were submitted for approval. The minutes were approved by the committee.


  1. IV.           Student Athletes Report – Ken Farr

Ken Farr, GC Faculty Athletic Representative (FAR) presented the annual report on the 2010-11 Academic and Athletic Performance of Georgia College (GC) Student-Athletes.  The report presented another great year for GC Athletics as student-athletes performed well in the classroom and in the community, as well as, on the playing field/court/course.  Report is attached.


  1. V.             Member Reports  

In consideration of time restraints and the lengthy agenda, member reports were delayed until after other agenda items if time allowed.


  1. VI.           Old Business


a. Review of Sexual Harassment Policy

 Jennifer Graham provided an update regarding revision of the Sexual Harassment Policy.  A committee composed of Marc Cardenilli, representatives from Human Resources, the Judicial Board, and Students Affairs is charged with updating and streamlining sexual misconduct policies across campus. No decisions have been made at this time. SAPC will continue to monitor outcomes of this committee.


b. Initiative that supports student retention


An overview of available MAP-Works Data from the Sophomore Transition Survey was presented by Paul Jahar. Discussion followed as to the topics  that would provide the best information to analyze retention opportunities for this group.  Mike Augustine will email the catergories and individual topics to committee members for response as to the topics we should use in our analysis.


Dianne Chamblee presented a collection of sophomore retention initiatives that have been utilized in other universities.  She will condense and bring to the December meeting for further discussion..


c. Bobcat Vision Management and Use Guidelines (from SGA)


Evan Karanovich presented the Bobcat Vision Management and Use Guidelines.  There were minor revisions that he discussed.  The Guidelines will be reviewed by the committee members, discussed at the December meeting and presented to the Senate for approval at the January meeting.


d.  Experiential Credits – Bruce Harshburger, discussion on initiative to inform students early in their academic career as to experiential credits will be held at the December meeting. 


e.  Impact of Change in Common Meeting Times – Dee Sams presented a preliminary report to the committee on RSO and Common Times Potential Conflict.  The report was a preliminary look at the opportunity/problem that the change in common meeting times may have created.  Based on the initial findings from the minimal set of questions, it was recommended by Dee that SAPC should scientifically create a survey instrument that is totally anonymous and that is sent to all RSO leaders.  The committee agreed.  Dee will have her students develop and administer the survey.



  1. VII.          New Business


No new business was presented.



  1. VIII.        Next Meeting (agenda item)


The next meeting will be held on January  at 3:30 in Health Sciences 213.


  1. IX.           Adjournment(agenda item)


Considering the time the meeting was adjourned at 5:15 pm. 




                        Dianne Chamblee, Chair 

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