Motions Database

Number, Title, Author, or Committee Abbreviation
Motion Type Author Source Commitee Status Last Updatesort descending
To revise the Qualifications for Faculty Appointments in the Faculty Handbook
Policy Recommendation FAPC Implementation Complete 11/16/2021
GCSU Syllabus Statement on Mental Health
Policy Recommendation APC Implementation Complete 12/16/2021
Slate of Nominees 2021-2022
Other CON Implementation Complete 01/22/2022
Motion to request local campus authority to require masks in the classroom
Resolution FAPC Other 02/11/2022
Request for Board of Regents to Permit Necessary Discourse and Study of its Proposed Changes to (1) Procedures for Dismissal of Faculty Members, (2) Institutions’ Authority to Grant Tenure, & (3) Post Tenure Review & Annual Review Standards/Process
Resolution FAPC Implementation Complete 02/11/2022
Motion to approve the revised University senate handbook
Resolution ECUS Implementation Complete 02/24/2022
Revised Slate of Nominees (Jan. 2022)
Other CON Implementation Complete 03/10/2022
Motion to revise the Policy on Research Misconduct
Policy Recommendation FAPC Implementation Complete 04/13/2022
Revised Slate of Nominees
Other CON Implementation Complete 05/04/2022
Slate of Nominees 2022-2023
Other CON Implementation Complete 05/09/2022