Motions Database

Number, Title, Author, or Committee Abbreviation
Motion Type Authorsort descending Source Commitee Status Last Update
Kinesiology Minor Name Change
Curricular Anonymous CAPC Awaiting Action by Implementor 01/31/2013
Student Alcohol and Illegal Drugs Policy
Policy Recommendation Anonymous SAPC Awaiting Action by Implementor 12/07/2009
Rules of Etiquette
Other Anonymous ECUS Implementation Complete 02/06/2008
Faculty Research Awards Guidelines
Bylaws Proposal Anonymous AGC Implementation Complete 03/26/2005
Resolution #1 Acknowledgment and Appreciation of Diversity Action Planning Committee
Resolution Anonymous RPIPC Endorsed by University Senate 10/24/2014
Senate Committee Nominees
Other Anonymous CON Implementation Complete 10/24/2012
APC membership revisions (MOTION FAILS 03-30-09)
Bylaws Proposal Anonymous ECUS Other 02/07/2009
US Committee Replacement
Other Anonymous CON Implementation Complete 10/01/2005
EDS in Teacher Leadership
Curricular Anonymous CAPC Implementation Complete 12/21/2016
Service Recognition Policy
Policy Recommendation Anonymous ECUS Awaiting Action by Implementor 05/02/2013