Motions Database

Number, Title, Author, or Committee Abbreviation
Motion Type Author Source Commitee Statussort descending Last Update
Apportionment of Elected Faculty US positions
Bylaws Proposal Anonymous ECUS Implementation Complete 02/07/2009
Proposed Revisions to University Senate Bylaws (Diversity Committee)
Bylaws Proposal ECUS Implementation Complete 03/01/2021
Individual Faculty Report Deadline
Policy Recommendation FAPC Implementation Complete 02/24/2017
Movement Arts Therapy Minor
Other Anonymous AGC Implementation Complete 11/12/2006
Double Bobcats Pathway
Policy Recommendation APC Implementation Complete 06/07/2023
QEP Assessment Plan
Policy Recommendation Anonymous AGC Implementation Complete 01/31/2005
Termination of Deactivated Programs - College of Education
Curricular CAPC Implementation Complete 05/08/2018
Endorse the Objectives of the 2014-2019 Diversity Action Plan
Resolution Anonymous RPIPC Endorsed by University Senate 10/24/2014
QEP Student Learning Outcomes
Resolution Anonymous CAPC Endorsed by University Senate 09/13/2016
Recognition of the Work Done by Faculty Advocates to Create the University System of Georgia Faculty Council
Resolution Anonymous ECUS Endorsed by University Senate 12/21/2010