Motions Database

Number, Title, Author, or Committee Abbreviation
Motion Type Authorsort descending Source Commitee Status Last Update
Policy on Legislative Requirements pertaining to U.S. and Georgia Constitution
Curricular Anonymous APC Awaiting Action by Implementor 03/14/2012
Criminal Justice Degree Redesignation
Other Anonymous AGC Implementation Complete 01/12/2005
Priority Registration
Policy Recommendation Anonymous SAC Awaiting Action by Implementor 02/26/2007
Statutes Changes (BOR APPROVAL 06-17-05)
Policy Recommendation Anonymous ECUS Implementation Complete 10/27/2014
New concentration in Economics
Curricular Anonymous CAPC Awaiting Action by Implementor 11/12/2013
Motor Vehicle Use Policy
Policy Recommendation Anonymous RPIPC Implementation Complete 05/09/2017
Parking Operations policy
Policy Recommendation Anonymous RPIPC Awaiting Action by Implementor 04/21/2008
Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science
Curricular Anonymous CAPC Approved, Pending Review by USG/BOR 04/08/2011
USG Faculty Council Bylaws
Resolution Anonymous FAPC Implementation Complete 12/03/2008
Professional Leave
Policy Recommendation Anonymous AGC Implementation Complete 06/20/2006