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The file repository aggregates all documents uploaded to the University Senate site into one searchable database.

Title Description Document Date Categorysort descending Committee Download Actions
ECUS November 4, 2016 11/04/2016 Agendas ECUS PDF icon ECUS Agenda_11_4_16.pdf
File ECUS Agenda_11_4_16.docx
APC Operating Procedures 2017-2018 08/15/2017 Resource APC File Op_Procs_APC_2017-18.docx
PDF icon Op_Procs_APC_2017-18.pdf
RPIPC Operating Procedures (2018-2019) 09/07/2018 Resource RPIPC File RPIPC 2018-2019 operating procedures.docx Details
SAPC Operating Procedures 2017-2018 09/13/2017 Resource SAPC File Op_Procs_SAPC_2017-18.docx
PDF icon Op_Procs_SAPC_2017-18.pdf
RPIPC 2019-20 Operating Procedures 05/03/2020 Resource RPIPC File RPIPC 2019-2020 operating procedures.docx Details
FAPC Operating Procedures 2017-18 10/06/2017 Resource FAPC File Op_Procs_FAPC_2017-18.docx
PDF icon Op_Procs_FAPC_2017-18.pdf
SAPC Operating Procedures 10/05/2018 Resource SAPC File Op_Procs_SAPC_2018-19.docx Details
ECUS Operating Procedures 08/13/2019 Resource ECUS File ECUS Operating Procedures (2019-08-13).docx Details
ECUS Operating Procedures 2018-2019 08/14/2018 Resource ECUS File Op_Procs_ECUS_2018-19.docx
PDF icon Op_Procs_ECUS_2018-19.pdf
Proposal Submission Checklist (pdf) Please view this checklist before submitting proposals to APC Resource APC PDF icon ProposalSubmissionChecklist.pdf Details