Motions Database

Number, Title, Author, or Committee Abbreviation
Motion Typesort descending Author Source Commitee Status Last Update
GR Academic Standing Policy Revision
Bylaws Proposal Anonymous APC Implementation Complete 09/19/2009
University System of Georgia Faculty Council
Bylaws Proposal Anonymous ECUS Implementation Complete 04/25/2008
Proposed Bylaws Revision (Language Pertaining to SoCC)
Bylaws Proposal Anonymous ECUS Other 02/27/2015
New Concentration: Philosophy
Curricular Anonymous CAPC Withdrawn by Source Committee 02/14/2019
Deactivation - Minor in Fiber Arts
Curricular CAPC Implementation Complete 04/03/2017
Deactivation: Minor in International Business
Curricular Anonymous CAPC Awaiting Action by Implementor 03/14/2012
Termination of Deactivated Programs - College of Health Sciences
Curricular CAPC Implementation Complete 05/08/2018
Minor in Women's Studies Name Change to Minor in Women's and Gender Studies
Curricular CAPC Implementation Complete 11/23/2016
Deactivation of the M.Ed. Reading, Language, and Literacy
Curricular CAPC Implementation Complete 01/02/2017
Establish a Non-Degree Certification Program in Instructional technology
Curricular Anonymous CAPC Implementation Complete 12/21/2016