Motions Database

Number, Title, Author, or Committee Abbreviation
Motion Typesort ascending Author Source Commitee Status Last Update
Rules of Etiquette
Other Anonymous ECUS Implementation Complete 02/06/2008
Deactivation of BBA in Economics
Other Anonymous AGC Implementation Complete 04/25/2005
Revised Slate of Nominees 2019-2020
Other CON Implementation Complete 11/22/2019
Senate Committee Nominees
Other Anonymous CON Implementation Complete 10/24/2012
US Committee Replacement
Other Anonymous CON Implementation Complete 10/01/2005
Sexual Orientation to Non-discrimination statement
Resolution Anonymous BPC Implementation Complete 08/18/2016
Endorse the Theme and Goals of the QEP
Resolution Anonymous APC Endorsed by University Senate 11/05/2013
Resolution to adopt AAUP Redbook as guide to new policy development
Resolution Anonymous FAPC Implementation Complete 01/18/2017
GCSU Faculty Bylaws (FAPC withdrew Nov 24 2008)
Resolution Anonymous FAPC Other 11/24/2008
Strategic Technology Plan
Resolution Anonymous RPIPC Awaiting Action by Implementor 10/09/2008