Motions Database

Number, Title, Author, or Committee Abbreviation
Motionsort descending Type Author Source Commitee Status Last Update
Slate of Nominees for 2020-2021 University Senate
Other CON Implementation Complete 04/28/2020
Revised University Senate Handbook Fall 2019
Other ECUS Implementation Complete 11/22/2019
Statement of Non-discrimination Change
Policy Recommendation SAPC Awaiting Action by Implementor 10/20/2020
Resolution Condemning Unsafe Return to Face-to-face Instruction
Resolution APC Not Endorsed by University Senate 11/23/2020
Student Use of Copyrighted Materials: Syllabus Statement
Policy Recommendation APC Implementation Complete 10/20/2020
Guidelines for supervisor access to faculty members’ courses on the university’s online learning management system
Policy Recommendation APC Implementation Complete 01/27/2021
GCSU Syllabus Statement on Mental Health
Policy Recommendation APC Implementation Complete 12/16/2021
Recommendation for a Policy on Pass/Fail grading
Policy Recommendation APC Awaiting Action by Implementor 05/06/2021
Revised Slate of Nominees
Other CON Implementation Complete 09/21/2020
Slate of Nominees 2021-2022
Other CON Implementation Complete 01/22/2022