Resources, Planning and Institutional Policy Committee

Meeting Location: 
Arts & Sciences 2-51
Relevant Bylaws: 
  • V.Section2.C.5.a. Membership. The Resources, Planning, and Institutional Policy Committee shall have thirteen (13) members distributed as follows: six (6) members selected from the Corps of Instruction faculty, at least four (4) of whom are elected faculty senators, three (3) members who are selected staff senators, one (1) member who is the Chief Business Officer or an individual appointed by the Chief Business Officer to serve as her/his designee in compliance with V.Section2.C, one (1) member who is a staff member appointed by a process determined by Staff Council, one (1) member who is a student appointed by a process determined by the Student Government Association, and one (1) member appointed by the University President in compliance with II.Section1.A.5.
  • V.Section2.C.5.b. Scope. The Resources, Planning, and Institutional Policy Committee shall review and recommend for or against policy relating to non-instructional personnel (including administrative personnel) and institutional budget and planning functions, which includes, but is not limited to, policies relating to recruitment, hiring, evaluation, welfare and development as well as compliance with local, state, and federal guidelines (e.g. affirmative action, ADA, homeland security), and institutional support functions of the university (e.g. technology, parking) In addition, this committee shall review and provide advice on master planning, strategic planning, and budgeting processes and provides advice, as appropriate, on other procedural matters that affect the general welfare of the institution and its employees.


RPIPC Operating Procedures 2017-2018
Download: File Op_Procs_RPIPC_2017-18.docx, Download: PDF icon Op_Procs_RPIPC_2017-18.pdf