Motions Database

Number, Title, Author, or Committee Abbreviation
Motion Type Author Source Commitee Status Last Update
Endorse the 2022-2025 Diversity Action Plan
Resolution DEIPC Implementation Complete 06/07/2023
Motion to approve the revised University senate handbook
Resolution ECUS Implementation Complete 02/24/2022
To revise the Qualifications for Faculty Appointments in the Faculty Handbook
Policy Recommendation FAPC Implementation Complete 11/16/2021
Motion to request local campus authority to require masks in the classroom
Resolution FAPC Other 02/11/2022
Request for Board of Regents to Permit Necessary Discourse and Study of its Proposed Changes to (1) Procedures for Dismissal of Faculty Members, (2) Institutions’ Authority to Grant Tenure, & (3) Post Tenure Review & Annual Review Standards/Process
Resolution FAPC Implementation Complete 02/11/2022
A Call for Increased Local Control of Campus Health and Safety Measures, Including Measures Necessary to Address COVID-19
Resolution ECUS Other 06/07/2023
Revised Slate of Nominees
Other CON Implementation Complete 05/04/2022
Slate of Nominees 2021-2022
Other CON Implementation Complete 01/22/2022
Recommendation for a Policy on Pass/Fail grading
Policy Recommendation APC Awaiting Action by Implementor 05/06/2021
GCSU Syllabus Statement on Mental Health
Policy Recommendation APC Implementation Complete 12/16/2021