University Senate Members Past and Present

This table shows all persons who have served on the University Senate or one of its Committees. It includes both Senators and Non-Senators. To see the complete service history of an individual, please click the individual's name.

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Name Position Department College Office Phone Email Senator Pin?
Will Thompson SGA Treasurer 2006-2007, Student Yes, 08/28/2006
Morgan Tickerhoof Assistant Director of Student Involvement Student Activities Center 478-445-7805
Patti Tolbert Music Education Coordinator/Associate Professor Music & Theatre College of Liberal Arts & Sciences 478.445.4966
Tom Toney Professor of Biology Biological & Environmental Sciences College of Liberal Arts & Sciences 478.445.0814 Yes, 04/26/2013
Natalie Toomey Professional Learning & Innovation Education 478-445-8615 Yes, 04/28/2023
Alissa Torchia SGA Nominee to USC 2006-2007, Student 478.445.2795 Yes, 04/25/2007
Clifford Towner Director of Bands Music College of Liberal Arts & Sciences 478.445.4346
Jennifer Townes Scholarly Communication Librarian Ina Dillard Russell Library Ina Dillard Russell Library 478 445 0991 Yes, 08/24/2020
Winston Tripp Associate Dean Arts & Sciences Yes, 04/28/2023
Sandra Trujillo Professor of Ceramics Art Arts and Sciences 478.445.7024 Yes, 08/05/2021