University Senate Members Past and Present

This table shows all persons who have served on the University Senate or one of its Committees. It includes both Senators and Non-Senators. To see the complete service history of an individual, please click the individual's name.

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Name Position Department College Office Phone Email Senator Pin?
Billy Copeland Assistant Director Outdoor Center 478-445-5186
Kimberly Cossey Assistant Professor of Chemistry Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy College of Arts & Sciences 478.445.2148
Shea Council Executive Assistant, Administrative Assistant to the University Senate Center for Student Success 478.445.8625 Yes, 04/21/2017
Kevin D. Crabb Assistant Professor Foundations & Secondary Education John H. Lounsbury College of Education 478.445.6577
Dean Crawford Student 404.717.9756
Bee Crews Professor Education, Special Education John H. Lounsbury College of Education 478.445.6428 Yes, 08/24/2005
Angela Criscoe Assistant Professor Mass Communication College of Arts & Sciences 478.445.8255 Yes, 04/21/2017
Paulette Cross Lecturer Teacher Education John H. Lounsbury College of Education 478.445.8628 Yes, 10/05/2018
Lora Crowe Assistant Professor Nursing College of Health Sciences
Ginny Crowson Student 478.595.8117