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ECUS 02/01/2013

Parks Administration Builiding, Room 301

ECUS-SCC Minutes 1 Feb 2013
File Minutes_ECUS-SCC_2013-02-01_FINAL_2.docx
PDF icon Minutes_ECUS-SCC_2013-02-01_FINAL_2.pdf
PDF icon At-largeElectionProceduresSpring2013_2.pdf
File CommitteeAnnualReportTemplate_2.docx
PDF icon UniversitySenateTermLimitsFINAL_3.pdf
PDF icon BoRPolicyReview_EmailConversaton_2.pdf
SAPC 01/24/2014

Atkinson 104

SAPC Minutes January 24, 2014
File SAPC Meeting Minutes 1.24.14.docx
SoCC 04/03/2015

A&S 2-51

Subcommittee on Core Curriculum Minutes 2015-04-03 View
Senate 04/22/2016

Arts & Sciences 2-72

University Senate Minutes 22 Apr 2016 (Last Meeting of 2015-2016 University Senate)
PDF icon Minutes_US_2016-04-22_FINAL.pdf
File Minutes_US_2016-04-22_FINAL.docx
File APC_Acad_Calendar Aug17-Aug19_0.docx
PDF icon Memo to Deans & Director Feb 8, 2016_1.pdf

President's Conference Room

Executive Committee of the University Senate Online July Meeting Minutes View
APC 10/26/2012

Atkinson 110

Academic Policy Committee Minutes for October 26, 2012. View
ECUS 12/02/2011

Parks 301

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes December 2, 2011 View
SoCC 10/17/2012

A&S 2-16

Subcommittee on Core Curriculum Minutes 2012-10-17 View
ECUS 01/24/2014

Parks Administration Building, Room 301

ECUS-SCC Minutes 24 Jan 2014
File Minutes_ECUS-SCC_2014-01-24_FINAL_0.docx
PDF icon Minutes_ECUS-SCC_2014-01-24_FINAL_0.pdf
ECUS 02/27/2015

Parks Administration Building, Room 301

ECUS-SCC Minutes 27 Feb 2015
File Minutes_ECUS-SCC_2015-02-27_FINAL.docx
PDF icon Minutes_ECUS-SCC_2015-02-27_FINAL.pdf