University Senate Members Past and Present

This table shows all persons who have served on the University Senate or one of its Committees. It includes both Senators and Non-Senators. To see the complete service history of an individual, please click the individual's name.

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Name Position Department College Office Phone Email Senator Pin?
Susan Bergeron Innovation Station Assistant Manager Innovation Station 478-445-8624
Karen Berman Department Chair, Artistic Advisor of Theatre Programs Theatre College of Arts & Sciences 478.445.1980
Rick Bialac Professor Information Technology & Marketing J. Whitney Bunting College of Business 478.445.4075
Guy Biyogmam Assistant Professor Mathematics 478.445.0974
Kevin Blanch Housing Area Coordinator University Housing 478.445.5929 Yes, 09/21/2018
Alex Blazer Associate Professor English, Speech, & Journalism College of Liberal Arts & Sciences 478.445.0964 Yes, 04/26/2013
Betty Block Professor of Physical Education Kinesiology College of Health Sciences 478.445.0848 Yes, 08/24/2005
Robert Blumenthal Department Chair, Professor of Mathematics Mathematics College of Liberal Arts & Sciences 478.445.0970 Yes, 04/22/2016
Michael Bonnard Special Formats Catalog Librarian Library 478.445.0995
Gene Bouley Associate Professor, Criminal Justice Program Coordinator Government & Sociology College of Liberal Arts & Sciences 478.445.0942